Rangasthala Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple Near Chikkabalapura

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    Temple Famous for :
    The idols of lord Ranganatha at Rangastla, Srirangam and Srirangapatna were installed on same day and same time. The garbhagriha looks like shape of a Bamboo Basket.

    About Rangasthala Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple :
    This is a temple dedicated to Lord Ranganatha, which is built in Vijayanagar style and this temple has an attractive idol of Lord Ranganatha. There is some interesting architecture inside the temple pillars in Vijaynagar style.

    The Moorthys at Shrirangam, Shrirangapatana and Shri Rangastala, were all installed on the same day and at the same time. The outside praharam and gopuram were constructed by Vijayanagara kings. There is a praharam(corridor) around garbhagriha(sanctum sanctorum). If one closely observes the architechure, they can observe as if the garbhagriha is in the shape of a bamboo basket and assume that Shri Ranganatha is in the middle of the basket.

    One more interesting story is that, during Lord Rama's Patabhishekam, Vibhishana also comes to attend it and in the end, Rama presents a Lord Rangnatha's idol in bamboo basket. Vibhishana is compelled to do the Prathisthai(installation) at Shrirangam and to commemorate the occasion, the Saptharishis install the idol of Lord Ranganatha with Bhoo Devi and Neela Devi here in Rangasthala. So the Lord appears as if, he is in a bamboo basket.

    The idol of Ranganatha is four and a half feet in length, with Bhoodevi and Neeladevi sitting near the leg. Lord is in Yoga Nidra and his Shesha is spreading his five hoods like an umbrella. Vainatheyan is sitting below. In the wall there are Sapthrishis, Brahma, Ashta Dhikbalakas, Rambha ,Urvashi , pancha ayudhams and it appears as if Lord is in Vaikunta and he is surrounded by all the gods. All Devas are doing Namaskaram(prostrate out of respect) to Lord.

    The moorthy(idol) is very beautiful and looks as if Lord is in a relaxed state. There is a majestic Ustava Moorthy with Ubhaya Nachiyars. There are vigrahams(idols) of Lord Chakrathalwar, Ramanuja , Desikan and a beautiful, rare Vigraham of Nammalwar. There are two ponds known as Shanka and Chakra Theertham respectively. One cannot compare the temple here wth those at Shrirangam and Shrirangapatana , but the temple and moorthy are beautiful and compact. The Brahma Ustavam is celebrated in the month of December.

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