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Discussion in 'History' started by Muslim_boy, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Muslim_boy

    Muslim_boy New Member

    You are still sticked to Ramayan and mahabharat move to real history every your great ruler is defeated by Islamic rulers. So to be for glory revert to Islam
  2. deafAncient

    deafAncient New Member

    Wrong, son... You're trying to rewrite history. Not going to happen. Are you not aware that DNA analysis can disprove your version of history? Since you and I eat with the same hand and do our respective rituals with the right hand, do you realize that Islam came AFTER Sanātana Dharma (Hinduism)?

    Plus, you are stuck in history-centrism, which is a key characteristic of Abrahamic religions. The heavy emphasis found in Abrahamic religions is not found anywhere near the extent in Hinduism (and is not supposed to be), so even if you continue razing temples and stealing the goods out of them, you cannot stamp out Hinduism, because it is EVERYWHERE in the material universe. We can go to a tree, a rock, and consecrate our respective deities into them to become mūrtis for us, if it comes to that.

    You need to stop these activities, thumbing your noses at us. We don't disrespect you. YOU DO.

    Solī;īlī ufo;o lu zuchugatolehmī balehfī hehsoleda galeh balehfa...
  3. Muslim_boy

    Muslim_boy New Member

    What you want to convey that everything is god for you. That's only shows how materialistic your religion is. And I am talking here about history. Search for it. Hindu rulers were defeated by Muslim rulers. We do not steal goods but used it for better purpose. That was kept unusable in temples.
  4. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    Different faiths have different views on God, just as people come n all colors, shapes and sizes. The planet and its religious systems that have developed over time are diverse. What works for one person may not work for another. However, some dogmatic faiths (like Islam) do believe that one faith is the correct one for all. This is akin to saying a size 9 boot will fit everyone. Does that make sense?
  5. deafAncient

    deafAncient New Member

    So, you believe that if you see a person with an off-road truck parked in the driveway in the dead middle of a city, and the person only drives to a camp site only once or twice in five years, you have the right to take the truck from him because you have a "more legitimate" need for it, since you haul firewood from the source in the country to your house on a weekly basis? If the person has paid for it, etc. then what you are advocating is theft. And that is EXACTLY what your ancestors did hundreds of years ago. STOLEN. THIEVING.

    You apply a double standard, saying that for us to take your goat is theft, but for you to take away a "useful" object made from gold/silver or other materials from us is considered as you putting such an object to "better use."

    By the way, Hindu armies were able to fight back once they had understood your UNDERHANDED military tactics. India had to stoop to YOUR level in order to fight back because you don't hold the citizens, ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN AND WOMEN, as innocent of these wars. YOUR ancestors came to India to invade and plunder because you wanted to force your way around, and you couldn't create wealth yourself. How could you, in the middle of a desert?? You're too busy trying to keep from dying from thirst and hunger to be thinking about the more developed levels of Hinduism.
  6. Hinduwadi

    Hinduwadi New Member

    Have you even read Ramayan and Mahabharta ? One side you are talking about different Yugs and on the other you are talking another one. Please get the complete info first.

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