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    To start, we moved into my current home two and a half years ago. At first, I thought it was creepy simply because it's rather small. It was built in the 60s, so it's rather dated.

    After we (mom, dad, brother and I) moved in, it was fairly normal and dull. A few months later, summer came and so did my friends. We were about 14 and like the teenage girls we were, we did dumb things.

    On this occasion, we brought over a Ouija board. I know it's one of the dumbest things to do but I only had one real experience with the board and so I didn't think much of it. We set it up in my room and asked some questions with no success. Nothing after that happened and I continued on.

    Fast forward to these past few months. I don't remember exactly my first experience with something "off" in the house. I never did like the guest room, which was next to my bedroom. Regardless, my sister came to visit and stayed in the guest room once. She said a woman was talking to her while she slept. She thought it was my mom but my mom claims she never went upstairs to her. Since then, I've had off things happening, but never something that would freak me out too much.

    I've had small things happen, like my parents' bedroom door creak open but I always played it off as the AC. Other things too, like doors closing on their own or creaking.

    One of the scariest experiences I've had is confusing but it still bugs me. I had a long distance relationship with an old ex, so we often used to talk/sleep on the phone. One night, it was around 3:30 am, I fell asleep and she said she was just drawing and listening to music when she said she heard my bedroom door open. She said I pushed the phone away from myself, how I normally did when someone would come talk to me. The thing is, I was asleep, so she was confused as to how I was suddenly awake. Regardless, she just listened. She said she heard a man's voice asking about scissors in a drawer. She said it didn't sound like my dad or brother, but she shook it off. She said I mumbled some things back, and then went back to sleep. The next morning she told me about it, I asked everyone, and no one was awake at that time. Since then, I became even more paranoid.

    On another occasion, I was downstairs in the living room. My brother's girlfriend keeps a cat, Lily, here on the weekends, and she'd usually just sleep and hangout in his room upstairs. Anyways, I was on the couch when I heard Lily scratching at his door upstairs to get out. My dog Maggie walked over to the stairs and looked up, so I didn't imagine it. I was lazy and said I'd just get her out later. A few minutes later, I went into my parents' room to get food from the pantry and I see Lily sleeping on the bed. I asked my mom how long Lily had been there, maybe she had snuck down the stairs and I didn't see her, but my mom said she had been sleeping for at least an hour.

    Another time, I was in my room when I heard Maggie outside my door. Her paws and claws make a rather loud and clear noise as she walks, so I definitely knew it was her. She came near my door and then walked to my brother's room, opened the door (I'm not sure how) and walked in. I was annoyed because she has a habit of going in his room and eating Lily's food or peeing on his rug, so I got up to get her. I go over, the door is wide open, and I call for her. I poke my head in but there's no Maggie in sight. I go downstairs and see Maggie sitting with my dad watching TV. There's no way in hell she could have, 1. Gone downstairs without making the loud clacking sounds with her paws and, 2. Made it downstairs faster than it would have taken me to leave my room. That still confuses me too.

    Another time, and the creepiest, I was getting ready to go to school in the morning. I had just taken a shower and closed my room door when I heard Maggie barking up at me from the stairs. I go to the top of the stairs and call her up. She hesitates and slowly walks up. She makes it but she's clearly avoiding something at the top, as if there were a stranger standing next to me. I quickly go to my room and hold the door open for her. She just barks at the empty space at the top of the stairs once more and I call her over, almost begging, for her to come into my room. She finally runs over and I slam the door shut.

    At this point, I've established that there probably is someone/something else here. I refer to him as a man because I just feel he is.

    A few months ago, he would wake me up in the morning really early. I'd just wake up and get this urge to get up. Every time I tried to ignore it, the urge would get stronger, like something pestering me to get up. When I would give in and get up, the feeling would go away. Eventually I got annoyed and asked him to please stop, and he did.

    Lately, I've had little to nothing happening. The past about month and a half had been pretty fine, until a few days ago. Since it's summer, I would regularly stay up late and just watch Netflix. One night, I went to bed around 12-2 and woke up around 4 parched. I went downstairs, grabbed a water bottle, and felt uneasy coming back up the stairs. Of course, I blamed it on the fact that I've always been paranoid and it was almost pitch dark. I went back to bed and turned my back to the room and faced the wall. As I was dozing off, I heard my closet door creak. I turned over and tried to ignore it, but I couldn't. I had no explanation and my heart was racing. I felt terror run through me as I sat up in bed and just stared at the open closet in front of me. Maggie was sleeping in the closet and I could hear her snore, so she couldn't have moved it. I looked around the room, the TV was on but muted because I hate sleeping in pure darkness. I was still scared, so I called Maggie to come sleep with me. I kept calling her until she got up. As she walked out of the closet and jumped on my bed, the door creaked again. I was terrified at that point and struggled to stay still. I turned on some music and forced myself to sleep, but I couldn't. I stayed in bed in the same position until 6, when it became light out and I could go downstairs and have breakfast.

    My current girlfriend burned sage in my room and blessed it for me. (she knows what she's doing). Since then, I've been paranoid but not as scared anymore. But that's just what's been going on.

    Sorry if it's a bit long and not "scary" but I just needed to get this out and I'd be glad to hear any opinions. Thanks y'all.
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    It was quiet scary. Did you told your parents about this? I think you should do that and ask any wise priest for Shanti Yug before any miserable happens.

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