Real life Role Models vs Reel Life Role Models

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    While the bollywood is desperate to prove that the faith of India's 70% population is 'wrong number', the real life experiences of people have a different tale to tell.
    Steve jobs is said to have visited India and traveled in pursuit of spiritual guidance which he did get eventually. The guidance helped shape his vision for his company, Apple- a company that revolutionised the way world looked at personal computing.
    When Mark Zuckerberg was going through difficult times in early days of his company Facebook, he visited his mentor Jobs for advice. Jobs asked him to travel to India and visit the temple he used to visit. Zuckerberg did as adviced and recently, in a conversation with PM Narendra Modi, revealed how it helped him find hie way back to his mission for his company and turn it into one of the biggest success of the silicon valley.

    Going to temples is a matter of faith, those who possess it in their heart find what they go looking for. Those who are full of doubt, ego or other wrong intentions, will inevitably draw blanks.

    But then, ridiculing this faith? of course.. our film industry the p-intellectuals, the leftists, the anti-indic forces are at it for decades and centuries.
    As a result, it takes someone from west to come and narrate their stories, or we in India continue seeing our own roots as frivolous.
    That's India we live in.
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    “India is very important to the history of our company,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.
    Zuckerberg also told Modi about a little-known incident several years ago when, he said, Facebook “wasn’t doing so well”. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, he said, urged him to take a spiritual trip to India and visit a temple there which he himself had visited before during the early days of Apple.

    So thats when Zuckerberg flew to India, visited the temple, and spent almost a month travelling around the country. He says that seeing the way that people connected made him feel that the world would be much better if everyone had a stronger ability to connect.

    “That reinforced to me the importance of what we were doing, and that is something I will always remember,” Zuckerberg says.
    Facebook, of course, pushed through its rough patch, and Zuckerberg rejected acquisition offers, growing the site from a dorm-room experiment into one of the largest tech companies in the world.

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