Reality of Mother Teresa, a Christian Missionary

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    Lets start the topic from the missionaries prespective below is a screen shot of what missionaries firmly believe in.


    As the ancient saying goes, "pictures speaks louder than a thousand words"
    Now if we note the above screenshot it clearly suggests that practicing charity is the best way to convert people.
    Charity with motive of conversion can never be called as charity, it is a cheap platform of advertisement where in you don't need to pay money instead you can ask for money from rich people and use it for conversion tactics.

    Now coming to points how missionaries work:
    Mankind is weakest in three phases of life wherein they give up everything and these missionaries target these three weaknesses of mankind.
    1. When kid : Missionaries opened schools to trap innocent children's in inhumanic and unethical way with tactful approach such that no one can catch them
    2. when in need of money : Missionaries targeted poor people and they buy their faith by giving money to these needy and poor people.
    3. when ill : missionaries has hospitals to target people who are ill and need emotional support , financial support etc.
    Every year missionaries spend Rupees 18000 crore just conversions.

    Mother teresa : it wouldn't be ethical to call teresa mother as mothers love is selfless and teresa's love was with greed to convert people around the world to bring them to Christianity

    Here are few unknown things of Miss teresa by ignorant Asians

    Mother Teresa defended notorious paedophile priest – Nelson Jones

    Below is the Letter from MT to California judge to exonerate a convict for his donation/participation in conversion in India.

    According to the study, the unassailable image of Mother Teresa appeals to the collective imagination looking to help the dying and the poor. It feeds a need in people to have someone to look up to. For the church, it also helps promote Roman Catholic religious values.

    One of Mother Teresa’s volunteers in Calcutta described her “Home for the Dying” as resembling photos of concentration camps such as Belsen. No chairs, just stretcher beds. Virtually no medical care or painkillers beyond aspirin, and a refusal to take a 15-year-old boy to a hospital. Hitchens adds, “Bear in mind that Mother Teresa’s global income is more than enough to outfit several first class clinics in Bengal. The decision not to do so... is a deliberate one. The point is not the honest relief of suffering, but the promulgation of a cult based on death and suffering and subjection.”

    Mother Teresa’s beatification process was also the fastest in the history of the Catholic Church, the study says.

    Now coming to churches they are exempted from any type of tax in India
    According to study churches are the biggest profit making organization of India

    where does all the money come from? Well, some of it comes from regular, kind-hearted folk giving what they can. A heck of a lot more came from some of the most evil men who ever lived. Mother Teresa herself personally took large donations from the psychopathic Haitian dictator “Baby Doc,” publicly defending his blood-soaked rule in return. In the 1990s, fraudster Charles Keating donated $1.25 million of stolen money to the Missionaries. When asked to return the fraudulent money, Mother Teresa simply stayed silent.

    for more you can see

    more research will be coming soon.

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