Reported benefits of the Sudarshan Kriya

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    Reported benefits of the Sudarshan Kriya include:
    Reduced levels of stress (reduction of cortisol - the "stress hormone”)
    Strengthened immune system
    Reduced cholesterol
    Relief from anxiety and depression (mild, moderate, and severe)
    Increased anti-oxidant protection
    Enhanced brain function
    Increased awareness both of self and surroundings
    Improved patience
    Greater energy
    Improved ability to manage challenging situaitons
    Greater mental clarity

    Increased Awareness
    We practice Sudarshan Kriya every day. It gives us an ever increasing awareness of how to live in the present moment. Jill Eikenberry and Michael Tucker, actors and stars of the T.V. series L.A. Law, United States
    Improved Patience
    Thanks to [Sudarshan Kriya] I have become more relaxed about challenging situations at home and at work, and I have become more patient with people. Tina, Mathematician, United Kingdom
    Increased Energy and Greater ability to deal with situations
    I am calmer, I have more energy and I feel that I am a better able to cope with things. This has been fantastic at work. I feel that I get more done, and that what used to seem like huge problems, are not so bad when you stop to think, and breathe. Justine Tasker, Fashion Editor, Australia
    Increased Mental Clarity
    As an engineer, I need to be both analytical and critical. Mental clarity and stamina are also essential. Sudarshan Kriya and meditation enhance these abilities. An additional plus is a better sense of well-being. William Hayden, NASA Senior System Analyst, United States

    Physical health benefits of Sudarshan Kriya
    Reduces stress
    Improves health and well-being
    More energy
    Strengthens immune system
    Reduces cholesterol levels

    What does the kriya add to my yoga practice?
    It hass increased my lung capacity in a really short time; it has increased my alertness; it hass given me methods to refresh my mind throughout the day. By giving me greater awareness and sensitivity to my breath, I’ve improved my concentration and meditation.

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