Role of Vaastu Shastra in Contemporary Indian Architecture

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    Science or faith?

    Well, there have always been controversies revolving around the concept of Vaastu Shastra (vasu: earth, shastra: science). It is believed to be scientific and deals with construction and architecture. Founded in India, it deals with varied aspects of architecture till date – layouts and designs to ground preparation, measurement, spatial geometry and others. Running through ancient times, this science is adopted till date in most Indian homes to ensure a perfect architecture completely aligned with the essential elements of nature – earth, fire, water, space and air.

    Its presence in the present:

    Dealing with deep-rooted knowledge of dwelling, modern day architecture of India combines the five important elements of energy, namely the pranic force, gravitational force, electromagnetic radiation and a strong and weak nuclear force. This geo-energy focus on ‘energy’ that is essential for sustenance. It is believed to be present in all forms as kinetic, magnetic and potential energy in solids, liquids or gases. It is a belief that most Indians still abide by.

    Studies in neurological science has proved that cosmic counterparts i.e. planets, sun and moon have relevance to the fragments of the human brain. The layouts and designs of this shastra are used to comply with the benefits it offers, in terms of the soothing natural light, fresh and pure air for good ventilation, water for living and drinking. These are basics that affect our day-to-day living even in today’s era. Why not have a system that ensures maximization of positive energy, creates a liveable and conducive environment, extracts benefits from the natural resources and believes in long-term peace, happiness, prosperity and well-being of the family? !

    Modern day designers and architectures incorporate this form in their designs and build a home around this concept. It has become so popular that it is nearly omnipresent!

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