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    Effects of Missionary activities :

    1 ) Slow death of local languages and ancient languages like Sanskrit.

    2 ) Children and teenagers assume that those who cannot speak in English are inferior to those who can.

    3 ) English speaking people are even perceived to be intellectually as well as morally better or superior.

    4 ) The debunked Aryan Invasion Theory and Dravidian Theory are still being preached and have caused immense divide in the Indian subcontinent.

    5 ) Hinduism has been disconnected from the Vedas and self-opinionated people assume it to be a collection of absurd mantras, stories, superstitions and ‘religious’ dogmas.

    6 ) Vote Bank politics which divides the country further.

    7 ) Divide and Rule: Converted Hindus start hating and abusing Hindus.

    8 ) Inferiority complexes instilled and psychological slavery to foreign ideals

    9 ) Setting western concepts as the ‘benchmark’ and ignoring the Indian concepts.

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