Sabdapalon (15th century)

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    The Majapahit Empire based in Java, spanned the whole Indonesian archipelago and parts of Southeast Asia. It was the last Hindu empire in Indonesia. At the height, it repelled Mongol invasions by Kublai Khan and vassalized lands as far as Vietnam. By the late 1400's however, the Majapahit steadily declined in its power. As the empire weakened, the Sultanate of Malacca grew stronger. Islamic proselytizers began to gain more and more popularity in Indonesia, slowly destroying Hinduism in Indonesia.

    It is this dark time in Indonesian History, that Sabdapalon lived. He was the chief priest for the king Brawijaya. In 1478, the king converted to Islam, marking the fall of the Majapahit Empire. Sabdapalon cursed the king stating that within 500 years time, he would return. He stated that he would return to an Indonesia devastated by widespread corruption and natural disasters. In this dark time, he would sweep Islam from Java and re-establish the Hindu-Jawanese religion in Java.

    The punctuality of Sabdapalon's prophesy is amazing. Indonesia in 1478 was one of the most corrupt nations on the planet, and the volcano Mt. Sumeru erupted in that same year. Many new Hindu temples such as the Pura Blambangan were completed in the year 1978, oce again indicating the verasity of Sabdapalon's prediction. Ever since 1978, Hinduism has been experiencing a massive revival in Java.

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