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    "If a tree is standing green, it has no contribution to GDP, but when it is being cut down, it contributes to GDP. A living cow has no contribution to GDP, but when it is slaughtered, she contributes. What's this hypocrisy"
    A mother has no contribution in GDP when she builds her child staying at home, when she reinforces her home but as soon as she becomes a working lady, contributes to GDP .
    When she stays at home, she make home alive, she makes kids cultured and safe. The importance of the mother in a child's life is like that of oil in the lamp. These well cultured and virtuous children grow up to become good and responsible citizens of the country, where there are more good people, there happen fewer crimes and bad deeds
    We do not oppose working right of women, nor we impose that women have to stay at home only, as long as the child does not face any side effect of mother's absence.
    I heartily bow down to all the Mothers of the world..! _/\_

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