Salman Khan and Ravindra patil Story

Discussion in 'India' started by garry420, May 8, 2015.

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    May be we have been taught a lie all along. May be honesty is not the best policy after all.

    Look at what happened to constable Ravinder Patil just because he was honest. The night Salman Khan ran over the people on that pavement, it was Patil who filed the initial complaint. While every other witness turned hostile under pressure or threats, it was Patil who continued to hold his ground, just because truth was on his side.

    But what did Patil gain out of it except more pressure from Salman Khan's lawyers and even alleged harassment from within the police force.

    During the course of the trial, Patil had to go into hiding as he feared for his own safety. In 2006 he was arrested for failing to appear as a witness and in the same year he was sacked from the police force - all because he was an honest man who stood for the truth.

    He was found on the streets of Mumbai in 2007 with advanced TB because his family had deserted him, who knows why?

    When he died later that year, nobody from his family even came to claim his body. Till his last breath Patil kept repeating the same thing - that Salman Khan was drunk that night and that it was indeed him who ran his car over the men on that pavement.

    We wonder why even 'Being Human' did not help Patil out? Was he not a 'Human Being'?
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    Namaste Garry,

    Being honest is ALWAYS the best policy, no matter what the consequences are in cases like this. The man just happened to be in a very bad time and place of the mores of society that doesn't honestly look at and address swiftly such an issue. I would also ask, "Can you live with yourself for looking the other way and sweeping this under the rug?" I'm also looking at the fact that Salman Khan drinks. Most westernized people do. What's even worse was that he did not control his drinking that night. I'm disappointed at him, his lawyers, and his fans and whoever tried to cover this up so he could move on and make more movies. It shows the lack of values towards ALL human beings, on the streets or not.

    Now, I have to ask - what do you mean that "Being Human" did not help Patel out? Maybe Patel finally reached Moksha via Salman Khan, and he won't be coming back (or he might return as a liberated soul to help others). Maybe "Being human" did help him out after all. He hung onto the right thing in spite of all the distractions and negative forces trying to push him off the right thing to do.
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    Respect for the honest man.
    I hope he gets the price of his honesty atleast in his next life."satyamev jayati" may always truth win

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