Sanskrit belong to Malay Muslims?

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    Malay Muslims claiming that Sanskrit belong to Malay Muslims. . According to the newspaper cutting,


    “Sanskrit is their original language, there are a lot of theories claiming that Malay Muslims borrowed Sanskrit but 70% of Malay language is Sanskrit and the rest 30% is from Arab, Persia, Mandarin and Tamil. Indians are claiming that the language belong to them but they hardly use Sanskrit language accept in their slokas and mantras. The pyramid in Pentas Sunda(the eastern hemisphere on which the majority of Southeast Asia is located.) is clearly saying that Malay Muslims are the owner of the Sanskrit language.”

    Sanskrit is an universal language. The whole world still using Sanskrit in their languages. Hinduism forgotten facts page proven about the Vedic influence in Europe, Arab, Asia, America, Africa and Australia. All those countries have used Sanskrit in their languages. We cannot exclude any continent from our Vedic culture but surely Sanskrit is not born from Indonesia or Malay Muslims. Here is the link for Vedic influence in the other part of world.

    The Malays are openly telling to the world that they are coming from Vedic culture by accepting Sanskrit in their language. They may try to ill-treat the Hindus but they have no choice to link their daily life and language with Vedic culture. Mother India is still holding them. 'Vasudeva kudumbakam' the whole world is belong to Lord Vasudeva. The Malay muslim are just using 70% but they are not aware there are still Indian villages in India using 100% Sanskrit as their mother tongue.

    From the day prophet Muhammad started his preaching, there was a lot of violence. Muhammad's religion killed a lot of Pagans/Hindus. The religion converted Pagan/Hindus by sex, marriage, offering wealth and no doubt by extreme violence. To propagate the religion they had to use a lot of lies. In many Vedic countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and North Africa violence was used to convert people. Today many became Muslim due to fear. We can even see the same method been used till today. During the reign of Aurangazeb many of our ancestors were raped and killed if they refuse to convert. They only way for survival is to convert. The Sanatana dharma or Hindus of today should salute the sacrifice our mothers and fathers during Islamic attack.

    The same goes to Christianity, they did kill many of our Hindu rulers. Our great rulers always protect their citizen according to Vedic way. There was't any caste system during their rule but after Islam and Christianity came to India, they mess with our system and made our Varna Ashrama dharma as a caste system so that the suppressed and oppressed people will convert to their religion.

    We have lost so many of our ancestors to Islam and Christianity. They use our own language to trap Hindus like Zakir Naik. They even say Allah create the whole universal system. The problem with us is to believe that Allah and Christ are God. Since we are immune to too many God system, now we are just accepting their propaganda.

    We are loosing our culture and tradition without knowing. Other religious people are taking advantage of us without we knowing. How long we will sleep in the lap of Maya? We are wasting more time on cinema and degrading the society to sexism. We are forgetting the purpose of our birth. We are already suffering during this birth, if we continue to be in the lap of Maya (illusion) we have to take many births. Better for us to go back to the Supreme personality of Godhead in this life time. Kaliyuga will get worse day by day. Its time for us to work hard and preserve our dharma. Today they claimed Sanskrit as their language tomorrow they will use the term that Allah created Hinduism. So Allah is the supreme God and Hindus have to accept the reality and convert to their religion. Lies and brutality is the base of Muhammad's kaliyuga teaching.

    Via -hinduism forgotten facts

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