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    Sant Kambudji from Udaipur Riyasat was a hakim & only served bhagwan Sri Raghunathji, his brothers said you are of no use to anybody so come with us & we shall take you to King Ranajis kingdom & request the higher authority to give you a suitable post, Kambudji denied! I am the servant of my Sri Raghunathji & wont serve any other King. If you all think I am a burden eating from your money I shall leave this house now,Kambudji left for Vanvas/forest but before leaving, his brothers said if you died who would burn your body in the Jungle? Replied - I am the servant of Sri Ram& he would take care of me.

    Sant Kambudji chanting the holy name in the jungle left his material body one day. Out here Sri Hanumanji saw Sri Raghunatji crying & asked the reason for his tears. kambudji, my dear one left his body & so I shall take care of his words to complete the sanskaram. Sri Hanumanji said prabhu you once gave fire even to the great Bird Jatayu intretayuga but this time give me this opportunity to take care of this Saints body. Sri Hanumanji got tirth water from all holy river& the seven seas, in the best Vedic way, he gave fire to this saints body in presence of Sri Ram. The smoke which came out at the time of burning the body everybody in the jungle got liberated, all birds, flys, even the Preta atmas got liberated. Unfortunately there was on Preta who had gone somewere & when he returned he saw the jungle is empty, no birds nor animals nor even his preta family members. He started crying& went to one ashram where one saint was chanting the holy name. Saint felt pity on this preta & asked the reason for his sorrow. All the prets from jungle left me alone. This wise saint said they already got liberated& left for bhagwad dhama after saint Kambudjis died& while burning his body the smoke liberated all those living in that jungle. What should I do now asked this preta?
    You can go to the same place where sri Kaambodji was burnt, there might be some traces of him may be little ash, take few sticks & light a flame at the same spot. Preta did what the saint said & the smoke which came from the place where Sri Kambodji was burnt the same fire liberated this preta also.

    This katha is from Granth bhaktmaal compiled by Sri Nabhaji who was an incarnation of Sri Brahmaji.

    ||Param Pujya Sri Rajendraji Maharaj||
    ||HaRe KriShnA||

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