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    Tulsidas was born in 1532 in Uttar Pradesh on the banks of river Yamuna in a village called Rajapur. His father Athmaram a great Gyani and a devotee of the Lord Vishnu,was one of the principal ministers in the cabinet of the famous mughal King Akbar. He was a rich person too. He got Tulsidas married to Mamthabhai who hailed from a devote family.

    Unfortunately Tulsidas came into bad company of friends who mislead him and became addicted to lusty way of life. He knew nothing other than lust even after his marriage. He eagerly sought the company of women all the time. This attitude pained his wife and his parents too.

    His father tried his best to counsel him to right ways of living but to no avail. But his wife was still devoted to him and prayed to Lord with tears in her eyes to restore her husband from the clutches of these habits. His father built a palatial mansion with a huge garden away from the town and made him live with his wife there.

    Now he got so infatuated with his wife and never left her company. This annoyed his wife even more and made her wonder what kind of person is he?

    In the meanwhile Akbar got to know about Tulsidas and it pained him to see such a devoted person like Athmaram to have such a son, who does not bother about virtue and life of moderation! But the king was compassionate towards him and wanted to correct him and make him lead a normal life of an honorable man.

    He decided to find out himself about Tulsidas and sent one of his emissaries to his house and informed him that he would like to employ Tulsidas like his father in his court, and would visit him personally to talk to him. The messenger came and delivered the message of the King to Tulsidas.

    He knew that once he is employed by the royal court his old ways of living is next to impossible and pleaded with his wife to tell the emissary that he is sick and can not do the job to the King’s satisfaction. This pleading left his wife in rage and she told him that she knew that the King would get annoyed that would result in his giving him a severe punishment.

    She convinced Tulsidas that he should agree to meet the King when he comes and should also accept to serve him for some time. This argument made Tulsidas relent and he agreed. The messenger too went back and told the King accordingly.

    A little while later the Badsha arrived with his retinue at the house of Tulsidas and took him along with him to his fort. As soon as Tulsidas left for Delhi, his mother sent Mamthabhai to her house. Few weeks passed and Tulsidas was restless and was pondering over ways to escape from this royal commitment.

    One day he went to the King and pleaded that his wife was sick and he needs to see her and console her. The king relented with this request and allowed him to briefly visit his wife and ordained him to be back promptly.

    He immediately left for his home town and there he found that his wife had gone to her native place and immediately left for his father in law’s house in the nearby town. Tulsidas’s mother disliked this attitude and spoke to him with contempt. But he was least bothered. He left the house in a hurry. But soon clouds gathered and a severe thunder storm started.

    The whole area was inundated, on the way he had to cross a rivulet and it had breached and was overflowing. It was pitch dark, but Tulsidas was determined to go and plunged into the stream, and soon found something like a log floating and caught hold of it and reached the other bank and there too he had to negotiate through swirling waters and somehow found the house, as it was raining and dark outside with wooing wind his shouts were not heard!
    He decided to scale the wall but could not find anything to hold!
    In that dark night he found something like a rope hanging from the tree that was near that compound. Without any hesitation he caught hold of that and started to climb, he found that was very slippery, still he gripped it hard and climbed on the wall, and without waiting to see how he could reach the top, he jumped down! And he hurriedly knocked the door.

    His wife came and opened the door and was sleepy. He was dismayed at the sight of her husband, he was completely drenched and his clothes were torn and looked haggard. His face revealed that he had not even had food for the past few days! She ushered him in and reprimanded him for his behavior and asked him how he came in, as the wall was so high! He replied that there was a creeper that was hanging and with the help of that creeper he climbed that wall.

    She knew there was no creeper on that tree and hurriedly went near that rear window to have a look! To her utter dismay and horror she found a huge snake winding down the tall tree branch. She could not contain her tears and sobbed uncontrollably and chided her husband for his blind lust and stupidity. It was a huge blow to Tulasidas’s pride, he felt himself to be too small in stature in front of his wife.

    He had realized his mistake and now repented. He fell down at the feet of his wife and pleaded and said that she is like his guru and had realized that he had wasted his time till now without thinking of the Lord and would never ever be like the old Tulsidas. As he was conversing like this some neighbor had come too as the rain had relented and was narrating how a body of a human being had been washed away in the torrential flood and had got stuck in the thick growth of reeds near his house .

    Tulsidas realized that what he had mistaken to be a log of wood was nothing but a human body! He had just left that bunch of reeds in the darkness and reached the house of his wife crossing the neighbor’s house. He felt even more remorse at his own behavior and decided to abandon the worldly pleasures and pursue divine. With resolve in his mind he told his wife that he would visit Kasi. Saying so without waiting for her reply he went away from her house.

    She was shocked and looked at his direction with awe and admiration. Soon he reached Kasi and roaming the streets of the town like a mad man reciting the name of the Lord alone, and he forgot all about his self, food and sustenance! In the meanwhile Mamthabhai returned to her in law’s house and narrated the incidents that happened, Tulsidas’s mother wept and told her husband Athmaram about it and they decided to meet his son at Kasi! And left for Kasi with a retinue, they searched for him and finally found him singing in ecstasy without even caring for his surroundings!

    Athmaram knew that he had achieved a great spiritual upliftment and never wanted to disturb him and immediately decided to leave this mortal frame and as soon he decided , he left his body too. Looking at this, his wife too jumped into the river Ganges and left the mortal frame. Then Tulsidas heard a voice from the heavens that ordained him to return to his home and start the family life and along with his wife perform all the rites for his departed parents.

    He immediately obeyed the directions and returned to his home town and diligently performed all the rites. Then having completed his duties he embarked on contemplation upon God! He was very much attracted to his Ishta devata Sri Rama and some how wanted to have his darshan, deciding that it is possible only through Hanuman he started meditating upon him, one day suddenly a huge goblin appeared before him and told him that in his home town there is Pravachan or discource of Srimad Valmiki Ramayana is going on and Lord Hanuman comes there, daily as an old man and listens to the story of Sri Rama! Saying so, the goblin disappeared.

    Tulsidas took it seriously and reached the venue of the discourse and was having a keen eye on the crowd to spot the old man as described by the goblin. At last he could spot the old man who was immersed in the story and was seen shedding tears of joy listening to the verses! Tulsidas hurriedly went near him and as soon as the old man observed that he is being tagged he slipped out of the venue! But Tulsidas never lost his hope and was there the next day too and observed the old man who was by now very conscious of Tulsidas trailing him and took every step to avoid meeting him.

    A few days passed like this, and Tulsidas finally caught him before he was entering the venue and fell down at his feet and caught his feet and pleaded that he knew who he was and wanted to be blessed with the darshan of Sri Ram without which he would not survive in this world.

    Though Lord Hanuman knew about the intensity of his devotion he never wanted to betray his camouflage so easily. So he stoutly denied any connection between him and Lord Hanuman and said that it his imagination!

    Unmoved by all this denial Tulsidas pleaded with tears in his eyes to be merciful. But the old man suddenly started running, but Tulsdas was tightly holding his legs, and so was dragged along! He ran into bushes that cause a lot of bruises on the body of Tulsidas but he would not loosen his grip! Taking pity at the condition of his devotee, he finally relented and appeared in his original form to Tulsidas!

    Soon all his afflictions disappeared! Tulsidas repeated his request to have darshan of the Lord Sri Ram and Hanuman assured him that he would have his darshan in the very same gully where he resides!

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    As agreed Tulsidas was eagerly waiting to receive Lord Sri Rama, but to his utter disappointment he saw an old sadhu who was quite nondescript and listless. Waiting for while at the asram door the old man left, and soon Tulsidas came out and searched for Lord Ram and found Lord Hanuman standing there. He fell at his feet and with tears in his eyes pleaded with him and said that Lord Sri Ram has not been kind to him, and has denied his darshan.

    To this Lord Hanuman replied, that Sri Ram never goes back on his word and as promised he came and stood at his door for quite some time and it was only Tulsidas who ignored him. Startled Tulsidas realized that the old man was none other than Sri Ram. He became all the more sad at his own foolishness. Now he pleaded with Hanuman not to test him anymore but urge the Lord to give him darshan.

    On testing the sincerity once again Lord decided to give him darshan in a grand manner. Soon the news spread across Kasi and people had assembled in large numbers, the asram too was decorated with flowers and decked up to receive the Lord of Ayodhya, the devotees sang bajans, and instruments too were played with fervor, soon Lord along with Sita and Lakshmana walked into the beautifully decorated shamiyana ! tears rolling down his cheek Tulsdas struggled for words and fell down at the feet of the Lord, and the Lord smiled at Sita and with a sobbing voice Tulsidas prayed to the Lord and pleaded that he be given salvation. The entire crowed went ecstatic and were singing and praying to the Lord, they could not believe their own eyes, before them was the Lord of the Universe!

    Lord smilingly replied that Tulsidas has many tasks unfinished, and added that even though the Ramayan was available in Sanskrit and Tamil, Tulsidas has to write his story that would be called “Ramcharitamanas” and also compose many works of literature in Avathi, Mahathi, and Mythili. These should spread Bakthi and purify the minds of people.

    He advised him to obtain diksha from Lord Hanuman and proceed to go about his spiritual duty.

    He also assured Tulsidas that he need not have any fear due to his misdeeds in the past. He would become his pure devotee. Saying this all of them blessed Tulsidas and disappeared! The crowed shouted the name of Lord Sri Ram that was heard throughout the locality.

    Tulsidas also composed the famous poem on Lord Sri Hanuman “Hanuman Chalisa” that is sung even today in all temples and people would vouch for its effectiveness in urging Sri Hanuman to grant our prayers.

    Please listen to Sri Hanuman Chalisa with sub titles.


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