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  1. Kirtan meditation is easy to practice yet most powerful and effective of all yoga meditation technique.
    Kirtan is the call and response technique of singing transcendental Mantras, spiritual songs and prayers.
    Kirtan is more wonderful and enjoyable when practicing with a group.
    Chanting these beautiful names of the Supreme Person with our hearts out we can satisfy the hunger of our heart.
    Kirtan gives all protection from the dangers and helps the mind and heart to rest and relax.
    We can feel the results of the Kirtan meditation when we hear and chant following the authentic sources.
    Kirtan can be practiced anytime anywhere. There is no rule for singing of these sacred Mantras but its benefits are countless.

    Here is the collection of deeply relaxing and enlightening Kirtans/Bhajans from the Science Of Identity Foundation at

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  2. Practicing this Kirtan we can get inner peace and lasting happiness that we always seek for in this world.

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  3. Relax your mind singing this God’s Holy Names and share with others.

  4. Rest you heart and mind on this beautiful kirtan

  5. This Sunset Kirtan meditation is very beautiful and helps to relax the heart and mind.

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  6. The more we practice Kirtan, the more relaxed and restful we feel. This Kirtan practice is the best time we spend with our friends.

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  7. Take a break from the busy life chanting this Mantra Kirtan. This helps to relax the mind, alleviates anger and hatred.

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  8. Take shelter in this beautiful Holy Names of the Lord. We may get distracted in the beginning while chanting but simply drawing our mind away from those thoughts and placing it on the sound of the Mantra we can slowly realize the sweetness of the spiritual happiness.

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  9. Wash away the worries and anxieties of life as you chant and relax into these Kirtan music.

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    Thank you madhu! these are truly heart touching and enlightening kirtans! thank you, keep em coming. :)
  11. Mantra is the transcendental sound vibration which descends from the Spiritual world through disciplic succession. Practicing this Mantras gives innumerable benefits. When we chant focusing on the Mantra we can get more benefited. Kirtan, the process singing of the Mantra in a group helps to get away from stress, anxiety, anger, hatred and gives deep peace and spiritual happiness. Kirtan is the most joyful Mantra meditation. Adding some musical instrument makes Kirtan more enlivening.

  12. Kirtan of the Holy names of the Lord is so powerful and effective that it doesn’t depend on one’s knowledge about its necessity and its benefit. Just take part in this Kirtan and you will get its effect definitely.

  13. Japa Meditation, the personal chanting of Transcendental sound helps to achieve the highest goal of yoga - Samadhi, the condition of inner peace, comfort, and joy. This method of hearing and repeating the transcendental sound aloud, quiet to yourself using the japa beads helps you transcend the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

  14. The practice of kirtan helps one to achieve freedom from fear, anxiety, and the stresses of life.

    The transcendental vibrations of the Holy Names are not only all pure but all-purifying for the heart and mind, they are all-auspicious and can bless one who meditates upon them with full self and God-realization.

  15. Kirtan is the song of the soul. Everything in life becomes better with Kirtan.
    Kirtan Meditation can help us through all of life’s ups and downs, can guide and heal us through the hardest times in life.
    Kirtan nourishes the soul’s deepest needs and awakens the spiritual love and joy that is in our hearts.

  16. A mantra is a transcendental sound vibration, not an ordinary material sound vibration. According to the teachings of yoga, a mantra is the sound manifestation or descent of the Supreme Person. You can practice meditation effortlessly and easily by resting your heart and mind in the beautiful sound of the mantra. In the same way that you enjoy a golden, glowing sunrise, simply relax in the spiritual beauty, warmth and comfort of these sacred mantras and experience the peace you are searching for.


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