Second Myth/Truth in Hinduism

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    Misguided judgment

    Another prevalent misinterpretation is that Hinduism advances icon revere.


    Hinduism does not advance icon adore. In actuality, Hinduism urges us to rise above every physical guide to love, in our otherworldly advance. Understanding that it is inconceivable for the mortal human to envision the Infinite and as opposed to managing bogus any expectations of such accomplishments, the religion urges us to gradually and relentlessly proceed with our advancement in quest for the Truth. For such enduring progess, the religion requests that we begin with physical guides, for example, sanctuaries and icons, and through practice and commitment, at last succeed in picturing God without the guide of sanctuaries and symbols.

    We are requested that not revere symbols, but rather adore God as icons. This is done to encourage consideration of the Infinite with our limited capacities. To quote none other than the considerable scholarly, Swami Vivekananda on this matter - "If a man needs to drink milk, he utilizes a container as he can't drink it straightforwardly. For the trembling and insecure personality, there ought to be a noticeable structure or an image, the symbol, with the goal that it turns into an establishment for his veneration. The symbol type of God is much the same as a vessel which empowers a man to drink the milk. Through the instrumentality of a symbol, an aficionado appreciates godliness."

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