Selection of Bed Sheet Colour according to Disease

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  1. Aum

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    According to researches the colour of your bed sheet can play a major role as a remedy to cure of a disease.

    RED: Cough, Cold, Jaundice, Paralysis, White spots on skin.

    ORANGE: Liver, Kidney, Hysteria, Joint problems, lack of confidence

    YELLOW: Constipation, Stomach and gastric problems.

    GREEN: Heart, Eyes, Blood related diseases, Cancer.

    BLUE: Asthma, Breathing problems, Nose, Ear, Teeth, Lungs.

    SKY BLUE: Mouth diseases, Throat, Swelling in body, Hypertension.

    VIOLET: Hair fall, Untimely whitening of hairs, knot of any type anywhere.
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    Can you disclose which research this came from?

    My understanding is that introducing colours in the bedroom should be done with regard to the location and your specific dosha. As sleep is one of the most important things that we do, it is important to use colours which naturally support our dosha and balance the room to bring it into harmony. This is especially so when needing to make an offering. The best way to overcome illness is to support your own particular energy needs by properly understanding your dosha and what supports you in terms of colour. For example, if you have a lot of fire in your constitution, sleeping with red can be unbalancing because you will therefore have too much fire. This can lead to disharmony which is normally why we become unwell in the first place.

    These are my views but I would love to read the research. I think we need to be careful. As with everything in life, we are not a one size fits all World. Rather we need to consider our own requirements within the greater environment and how we can best get them to become harmonious to support our wellbeing.

    Thank you.
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    I think color therapy goes at par with vastu , as far as whatever little i understand to hold energies color plays very important role.
    Rest we can wait for some vastu expert to give exact answer.

  4. Elide

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    I definitely agree that chromotherapy can be very beneficial to help people and their vibration. Each colour is found to stimulate a specific chakra/energy centre and corresponde.nt to certain areas of the physical body. In terms of using this in Vastu living however, I would suggest that it is better to decorate large spaces with neutral paint/bed linen etc and thereafter add coloured objects if/when needed. This is because stron colours can be very stimulating and as our health and wellness changes over time, what we need at one point may not be as beneficial for us at another point, and may infect become overstimulating thus rendering us unwell again. The key is to find a way of ensuring balance while retaining the ability to add stronger colour when needed.

    Thank you.
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