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    Sexual speech—and by extension, writing—has been subject to varying standards of decorum since the beginning of history. For most of historic time writing has not been used by more than a small part of the total population of any society. Only in the 19th century and later are there societies where over half the population are basically literate. The resulting self-censorship and euphemistic forms translate today into a dearth of explicit and accurate evidence on which to base a history. There are a number of primary sources that can be collected across a wide variety of times and cultures, including the following:

    Records of legislation indicating either encouragement or prohibition

    Religious and philosophical texts recommending, condemning or debating the topic

    Literary sources, perhaps unpublished during their authors’ lifetimes, including diaries and personal correspondence

    Medical textbooks treating various forms as a pathological condition
    Linguistic developments, particularly in slang.

    More recently, studies of sexuality.

    Having said that,we may throw some light on the most ancient and supposedly accurate study of the sex science:THE KAMASUTRA and it’s untold stories.

    Here in,we start a new series about the sexuality aspect of Indian history as we hope to unravel the mystery journey from being the World Leaders in sex science to an inexplicably orthodox and a sexually dementiated society.

    Why are we so dependent on the west for such topics???

    Why is it considered a taboo even between two mutually consenting people celebrating their love their way??

    When did the west become the masters of human-sexuality and are they really so??

    What does our religion,our values,our culture and our society perceive and why is it so?….were we intrinsically this way???

    Hope we all our ready for a tumultuous ride in the doldrums of human sexuality and where exactly India stood and presently stands.

    At the onset,we would like to clarify that it is nowhere meant to be offensive or vulgar,it’s just a traversal to our glorious past wherein being the leaders of the Sex Science.

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