Shamli escapes its Godhra moment

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    It was early morning of 2nd May, 2015.Train number 04735 (Bikaner to Haridwar) had just crossed muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh when suddenly it came to a forced halt. Being early in the morning, people woke up to a horror scene when they found their bogies surrounded by thousands of miscreants, dressed in islamic attire, attacking them with sticks and stones. Most of the glasses were broken and their only defence was the metalic windows of the train.
    It appeared the frenzied mob was led by SP MLA Nahid Hasan.
    Although this was a huge ruckus, police/ administration were nowhere to be found. Most of the passangers were from Rajasthan so they barely had a clue about what place they're in or whom to call.
    However, thanks to mobile tech, some friends and relatives were given frantic calls and soon the news reached local leaders who rushed the police to the spot. The police was able to placate the crowd for some time due to which the train was let go, although not withut serious altercations. As a matter of fact police and administration had to bear the burnt of this mob after the train left.
    The pictures tell the story of what happened and how prepared the mob was to incite yet another communal incidence in the country.
    However, it'd be wrong to blame entire Muslim community for this incident.
    Source: ShankhNaad

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