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    The transit period of Satun (Shani) in the twelfth, first and second houses from the birth rashi (Moon sign) which usually takes a time of Seven and Half years (7-1/2 ) is called the Sadhesati of Saturn. Saturn travels in one rashi for period of two and half years. So total period of three three Rashi’s comes to Seven and Half years.

    Normally in the lifetime of a person, the Sadhesati of Shani (Saturn) occurse three times. Saturn is not always unfavorable. Remember, what Saturn-Chalisa says.

    “Gaja vahan, laxmi griha aave. Haya te sukh sampatti upjaave.
    Gardabh haani kare bahu kaaja. Gardabh siddh kar raj samajaa.”

    i.e. When Saturn enters a life riding on an elephant then the person shall recieve great riches, but when Saturn enters on a donkey then the person suffers misfortunes.

    This shloka itself reveals that the Saturn is not always harmful, when it is beneficial it will bring you great fortune. Don’t be blindly afraid of Saturn’s Sade-Sati. Calmly assess your kundali (birth-chart) and find negativeness of the Sade-Sati . In most cases the impact of Shani Sade-Sati is mixed one and sometimes even benefited.

    Shani Dev is supposed to be Judge for giving results based on Human’s karma. Shani Maharaj is an impartial judge. Shani Maharaj neither loves any one, nor grudge against anybody. He punishes without any inhibition and even his rewards are unexpected- he will give more than what one would Expect for.

    Possitive Reasults of Sadhe Sathi :

    These includes rewards for hard-work, wider social acceptance and help, good family life, Improvement in career or Profession , overcoming hurdles in progress,financial stability and sound health.

    Negative Results of Sadhe Sathi :

    Which include, to degrade in Profession, delay in getting result of hard-work or compromised, failures in enterprises and efforts, disturbed family life, greater challenges in life,Unexpected financial losses and health problems

    However we are giving some interesting measures of Sadhe Sathi as ,

    First dhaiyaa is beneficial for the following moon signs :

    Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces.

    And it is bad for the following moon signs:

    Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius

    It gives neutral or mixed results for Aries and Capricorn moons.

    The Second dhaiyya is good for following moon signs :

    Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra Capricorn and Aquarius.

    And is bad for: Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio moons.

    It gives neutral or mixed results for Sagittarius and Pisces moons.

    The Third dhaiyya is good for

    Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn moons.

    Bad for Gemini, Cancer, Libra and Pisces moons,

    And mixed and neutral for Scorpio and Aquarius moons.

    In conclusion or To Learn :

    Sadhe Sathi is a period for Reward or Punishment , depending upon Ones own Karma in the past. If someone behave in with nature, Puts on Simple Remedies of Sadhe Sathi, in his day to day Life, The Shani Maharaj will reward him instead of punishment. The Person who is undergoing this Sadhe Sathi period will realize the world around him with their Truth-fullness. One should understood that, Sadhe Sathi is infamous for being a difficult time in a person’s life, if the person keeps in mind certain truths like above this time, it can bring a lot of mental and practical easiness in his life. The adverse results can be made less painful with the right attitude. Positive results can be accrued gracefully,with humility.

    And that is what exactly, Saturn is there for TO TEACH US HUMILITY IN LIFE
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    According to the time of our birth and the Moonsign we are born under, Shanidev’s relative position influences our lives, either negatively or seldom positively. In most cases however, Sade Sati has negative effects on the lives of people who are going through the phase.
    If the adverse effects of Shani Sade Sati is holding a person back from being and doing their best, there are certain remedies which have been proven to be surprisingly effective :

    One can perform Tailabhishekam (the pouring of oil on Shanidev’s idol) or Shani Dosh Nivaran poojas and aartis and even wear a Shani Kavach, to appease Shanidev and avoid his negative gaze. It is also believed that Shanidev, if pleased by the purity and dedication of a devotee, can actually positively affect their lives too.

    Worshipping Lord Hanuman and chanting his mantras also have the effect of nullifying the ill effects of Sade Sati to a great extent.
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    Shri Shani Hanumante Suraksha Chakra

    Remedy for Shani's Negative Effects and Protect you from Black Magic.

    Shri Shani Hanumante Suraksha Chakra charged by sankat mochan mantra.lord hanuman is considered as living god of this age i.e. "kalyuga". Hanuman is worshiped daily almost by all hindu devotees. It is said that shri lord hanuman is among the few deities who can be worshiped & satisfied easily.


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