SHIVA MANAS POOJA - By Shri Adi Shankaracharya

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    SHIVA MANAS POOJA - said to be the most powerful prayer as it is offered to the Lord from the heart (mentally) rather than just rituals done without feelings.

    Rathnai Kalpitham asanam, Himajalai snanam cha divyambaram,Naana rathna vibhooshitham mruga madha modhanvitham Chandanam,Jathi champaka bilwa pathra rachitham, pushpam cha deepam Thada,Deepamdeva dayanithe pasupathe, hrud kalpyatham gruhyatham.

    I offer you an imaginary throne made of precious jewels,I offer you bath in the water of melted snow from the Himalayas,I offer you holy silken cloth to wear,I adorn you with very many precious jewels,I offer you musk and sandal,I offer you Bilwa and Champaka flowers,And I offer you the holy lamp,But all these I offer in the portal of my mind,Please God who is merciful and who is the Lord of all beings,Accept my offerings and bless me.

    Souvarne nava rathna Ganda Rachithe, pathre Grutham Payasam,Bakshyam pancha vidam Payo dadhiyutham, rambha phalam panakam,Saaka namayutham jalam ruchikaram, karpoora gandojwalam,Thamboolam manasa maya virachitham Bhakthyo prabho sweekuru

    I offer you Ghee and the sweet payasam in golden vessel ,Decorated with nine type of precious gems,I offer you five different dishes made of curd and milk,I offer you panakam made of sweet fruits,I offer you tasty sweet scented water to drink,I offer you the lamp made of camphor along with tinkling bells,And I offer you betel leaf and nut,But these are offered by my mind with utter devotion to you,So Lord Kindly accept and bless.

    Chathram Chamarayoryugam vyajanagam, chaa darshakam nirmalam,Veena bheri mrudanga kahala kala geetha nruthyam thada,Sasthangam pranthi sthuthir bahu vidha, hyethat samastham maya,Sankalpena samapitham thava vibho , poojam gruhana prabho.

    I offer you a pretty stage,I offer you couple of decorative fans,I also offer you shining mirror,I offer you Veena, kettledrums, Mrudanga and a very big drum,I offer you song and dance,I offer you full prostration,I offer you several types of prayers,But all these I offer you my Lord, in my mindSo Lord kindly accept this my worship.

    Aathma thwam Girija Mathi sahacharaa, prana sarreram gruham,Pooja theey vishayopa bhoga rachana, nidhra samadhi sthithi,Sanchara padayo pradakshina vidhi, , sthothrani sarva giraa,Yadyath karma karomi thathad akhilam, shambho thavaradhanam.

    My soul is your temple my lord,My activities are thine attendants,My body is thine home,My acts to please my senses are thine worship,My act of sleep is the deep meditation on thee,All my walks with my feet are thine perambulations,What ever falls from my mouth are thine prayers,Oh Lord, everything I say and do are thine forms of worship.

    Kara charana krutham vaak kayajam karmajam vaa,Sravana nayanajam vaa maanasam vaa aparadham,Vihithamavihitham vaa sarva methath Kshamaswa,Jaya Jaya katunabdhe sri Mahadeva Shambho.

    Please pardon Oh lordAll those acts committed by me,By hands, by action, by body orBy hearing, by my sight, or by my mind,Whether they are proper or improper..Victory oh victory, Oh, ocean of mercy,

    || OM NAMAH SHIVAYA SHIVAYA NAMAH OM || This small offering to you my Lord Shiva !! BLESS US ALL !!

    To Listen to the Manas Pooja


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