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    Sanskrit is said to be the most scientific language of the world, and so are its meditation mantras. The great thing about Sanskrit mantras is that every word has a deep meaning. Every mantra conveys a state of mind and body, and impacts the enchanter in a very powerful way, if done correctly.meditation mantras
    These meaningful Sanskrit mantras are so written as to establish a divine connection between the mind, body, and soul. This amalgamation relaxes the mind in such a way as no other therapy can.
    However, to be completely benefited by meditation mantras, knowing their meaning is essential. So here are some of the most common Sanskrit mantras with their meanings:
    Om Namah Shivay
    This mantra is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It signifies the innermost self that is immortal – the self that stays beyond boundaries of time and destruction. It is complete in itself and needs no rituals or restrictions. You can chant it out loud, or inside your mind, whatever way you feel at peace. The meaning along with the vibrations present in the words, can work wonders for you. It is very useful for those who have a restless or agitated state of mind. The positive vibes of Om Namah Shivay can calm such minds down.
    The sound of the word Om contains all the vibrations in the universe. It evokes consciousness at its deepest level. Pronouncing Om in a long brawl, several times a day can even be therapeutic to the throat. Those who need better control over their voice modulations practice it quite often.
    Beej Mantra
    Beej Mantra is a mantra containing only one syllable. The word beej means seed and therefore a beej mantra for health signifies the emanation of energy, and growth. The effect that a beej mantra produces is that of constructive power.

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