Significance of Number in Hindu Tradition

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    Significance of Number 7

    • Lord Venkateswara's holy abode in Bhoo-lok is Tirumala. HE is popular as "Lord of Seven Hills" (Yedukondalavadu in Telugu and Ezhumalaiyan in Tamil).
    • The sunlight from Sun God has Seven(7) colors - "VIBGYOR". Also the Chariot of Sun God has Seven(7) Horses.
    • There are Seven(7) days in a week.
    • Patala or Patal Loka (underworld or netherworld) is composed of Seven(7) lokas.
    • During Hindu wedding ceremony, it's a tradition where bride and groom take Seven(7)steps together called as "Saptapadhi" - "Seven Holy Steps".
    • Agni deva (Fire God) has Seven(7) fiery tongues.
    • Brahmotsavas are generally observed during July, which is the Seventh(7th) month of a year.
    • Musical notes are Seven(7) called "Saptaswaras or Saptaswarangal" - Sapta meaning Seven and Swaras meaning Musical notes...
    • Human body features Seven(7) basic chakras or wheels of energy.
    It's a disbelief among few people that 7 is inauspicious. God is behind creation of Numbers. So, 7 stands good too. It's our Hindu tradition to refer panchang before finalizing the auspicious events like House-warming ceremony, Wedding and many more occasions. One should verify thithi, vara and nakshatra before taking up important activities and most important of all is to fill the mind with full of Positive Thoughts:).

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