Significance of Pilgrimage

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    I understand all the different types (by different types I mean locations) of pilgrimages but am confused by the significance each has. Why are some more important than others and what is the meaning of the pilgrimages.
    If anyone could help that would be great :)
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    Pilgrimage is a common custom, and it would be impossible to understand it all. It can be as simple as walking to your local temple, or as complicated as a walking yatra the length of India from Kanyakumari to Kasi, to Amarnath Cave, then back a different route. This may take as long as 6 months or more.

    The idea remains the same ... to drop all worldly concerns, and focus on God alone. (For that is who we really are.)

    The nature would vary according to sect, and God, and the desires or purpose of the devotee. Sometimes its prayers of thanks, sometimes it's requests, sometimes for health, and more. Some are done in maunam, barefoot, rolling, or by bus or car. Sometimes groups go, and sometimes individuals.

    There are many famous temples or groups of temples that one pilgrimages to.

    Kasi, Kedarnath, Rameswaram, Chidambaram, Palani, Sabiramala, Pune, Vrindavan, Kailas, and more.

    Groups include the Ganesha 12, Shiva's 5 elemental temples, the Murugan 6, and many others.
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    Pilgrimage is a sacred journey. It is a process that is not meant to simply get away from it all, but to allow oneself to encounter, see, and experience the Divine. This is accomplished by associating with holy people, visiting the holy places where the pastimes of the Divine have taken place, and where the sacred temples allow darshhan: the Vision of the Supreme. Darshan is the process of approaching the Deity in the Temple in a state of spiritual communication, open and ready to receive sacred revalations. It means to see the Absolute Reality, and also to be seen by that Supreme Reality, God.

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