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    Article compilation : Swapna Madiraju

    Saptapadi is a ritual performed in hindu marriage after kanyadaanam and mangalasutradharanam.Wedding rituals differ from region to region in India.But saptapadi is the only ritual common to all cultures be it north indian or bengali or tamil or telugu wedding.Saptapadi involves the bride and the groom taking seven steps around the agni/fire holding hands.For each step,a mantra is recited and the bride and the groom take a vow with each step they take.


    1.I have had the good fortune of acquiring you due to various merits acquired by me in various births.
    2.I will look after your entire family and will be happy with whatever i get for my sustenance.
    3.I will always abide by your directives and will regularly cook delicious food.
    4.I will embellish myself with clean attire.
    5.I will share both your happiness and sorrow and will remain loyal.
    6.I will stay whereever you stay and happily perform all your household chores.
    7.I will assist you in all the rituals and will obey you with regard to righteousness(dharma),wealth(artha) and desire(kama).


    1.You have walked one step with me ,hence you be my provider of food.
    2.You have walked two steps with me ,hence you become one who will give me strength.
    3.You have walked the third step with me,may you become one who will increase my wealth.
    4.With the fourth step,may you increase my happiness.
    5.You have taken five steps with me,may you give birth to children.
    6.With the sixth step,may you give me pleasure in all seasons.
    7.You have walked seven steps with me ,hence our relationship has become strong.
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