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    The most important question in astrology is predicting the timing of an event or events. Astrologers have been doing researches on this aspect of astrology more than any other aspect. Why is a person born rich and remains rich throughout his life. Why is a person born rich but looses money and riches at some particular time of his life and leads the life of a poor from then onwards. Why is a person born poor and remains so for the rest of his life. Why is a person born poor but becomes rich at some particular time in his life. Why does a person become Prime Minister or President at a younger age while some other person becomes Prime Minister or President at an Older age. Why is it that a person's married life is disturbed right from the start while some other person enjoys it for 10-15 years and then suddenly it falls apart. Why do diseases appear at different times in different people's lives. And there are many such questions. The answer to all these question lies behind the curtain of Sleeping Yogas and Waking Yogas. And before we go any further let me explain the simple meaning of the term Yoga in the context of Astrology for the convenience of Foreign readers.

    A Yoga in its literal sense would mean Addition. Adding something to something is called a Yoga in simple context. But in Astrology and certain other fields it simply means combination. So for astrological context, a Yoga can be understood as a combination. But a combination of what. Well, it is a combination of two or more planets by means of their placements or Aspects. The aspect of one or more planets on a particular house can also be considered as a Yoga. When all the planets involved in a Yoga are good for a particular native, the Yoga is said to be a good Yoga. In the same way when the planets involved in a Yoga are both good and bad, then it is called a bad Yoga of lesser intensity which would generally mean that the significances of the good planets or houses will suffer from the bad effects of the bad planets involved. And if all the planets involved in a Yoga are bad for a particular native, the Yoga is said to be very bad as in this case the significances of all the planets and houses involved in the formation of the Yoga would suffer a great deal. As the number of planets involved in a Yoga increase in a horoscope, it becomes more and more of challenge to predict all the effects of that Yoga, especially if the planets involved are a mixture of good and bad. There are also some Yogas in which there are no mutual aspects and only one of the planets is aspecting the other. This is called a partial Yoga and in this case the good or bad effects of the Yoga would be felt only on the significances of the planet being aspected and not the planet aspecting.

    Now that we know what are good and bad Yogas, can we predict their results to the native. Well if you do this, you would find that in many cases the effects of the Yogas formed are not showing properly or not showing at all. This is simply because of the fact that presence of a Yoga is one concept in astrology, but the activation of that Yoga is another very important aspect without which no significant predictions can be made. There are usually at least a couple of good or bad Yogas in a horoscope though some horoscopes witness more than 5 Yogas also. But the most important thing to remember is that there is a time assigned to every Yoga and only at that time the Yoga would Wake up and start giving its good or bad results significantly to the native, and before that time it would be just lying in the horoscope giving almost no effect or nominal effects. So till the time a Yoga wakes up and starts giving its results to the native, it is called a Sleeping Yoga for that particular native. And once it wakes up and starts giving results, it is called a Waking Yoga.

    Let's now try to understand this concept with the help of some simplified examples and case studies. The first case is the case of a male born in 1967 in India (complete details are not being mentioned to respect the privacy of the client). This person has a bad Yoga formed by bad aspects of Jupiter in his horoscope. As a result of this Yoga his marriage should be delayed and disturbed. There should be problems with his income issues and some more bad effects are indicated. But this person married at an early age and is having two children. His married life was normal and his business was gaining strength year by year. He even purchased his own house from his income and was having a good bank balance as well. And then suddenly with the rise of year 2004, the problems starting surfacing for him. He started having major disputes with his wife and his business started to go down. His family life and business started showing the results which were predicted at his birth by some astrologers, only the timing was wrong. Many of the astrologers he consulted told him that his marriage would be delayed and he would face income related issues right from the start of his carrier. But those things did not happen at all till the rise of year 2004 and then suddenly all of those things started happening. What is the mystery then, why were the results of this bad Yoga delayed for this person. The answer to this question is that the above mentioned Yoga in this person's horoscope was a Sleeping Yoga till the end of year 2003 and as the year 2004 started, the Yoga woke up and all the predictions started becoming true.

    Second case is the case of a Male born in India in 1962 who is witnessing some very good and some very bad Yogas in his horoscope. But the first Yoga we'll discuss is the bad Yoga formed by Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) which is supposed to give disastrous results regarding his married life and partners. And in this case the Yoga is Waking right from the birth and as a result, this Male presently at the age of 47 has already lost 4 wives, two to death and two to divorces. And regarding some of the other Yogas present in his horoscope, a couple of good Yogas made by Sun, Mercury and Mars were present and Awake from the birth which as a result blessed him with very good business and he has obtained many valuable properties at different stages of his life. And then there is another Yoga formed by Saturn present in his horoscope which is supposed to give him legal troubles regarding his properties. But this Yoga was sleeping till the mid of Year 2000 and as a result he was only gathering properties and nothing was bothering him in this regard. But as the Yoga Woke up in 2000, he suddenly witnessed litigations on a couple of his properties and from that time onwards he has gained some new properties due to the effect of the good Yoga, and at the same time, more than half of his properties are facing legal disputes and the matters are pending in different courts. And he is planning to marry for the fifth time in the coming future.

    Then there is the case of this female born in 1978 in India who has a bad Yoga formed by Rahu and Ketu in her horoscope which is mainly supposed to delay or disturb her married life. And as this Yoga is activated right from her birth. This female has not yet been married in spite of at least 25 marriage proposals being discussed and failed for her. Quoting one more case of a Male who was born in 1968 in India in a middle class family and kept on living a middle class life till the year 1995 and then suddenly he managed to go to Germany and started getting rich. And he is very well established now. But due to presence of an active Manglik Dosh (a defect formed by Mars) and some bad effects of Saturn, this male is still officially unmarried.

    The essence of the above discussion is that timing is a very important aspect of astrology and it is deeply affected and dependent on the activation of the Yogas present in a horoscope. You'll be surprised to know that many astrologers are actually able to tell good or bad things that may happen to you. But as they are not able to calculate the Wake up time of a Yoga so the timings get wrong and the whole thing does not make any sense any more. But many of the good things or bad things told to you by an astrologer may come true in the later parts of your lives as they are able to read the effects correctly and it is only the timing that is missing.


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