So many gods . What the fuss ?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Muslim_boy, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Muslim_boy

    Muslim_boy New Member

    Why Hinduism have so many gods ? Can't you people revert to Islam to know the one true god I. E Allah.
  2. deafAncient

    deafAncient New Member

    Sanātanis have many, because they all have different attributes of the One Brahman. It's like looking at several mirrors arranged about a building or thing. Every mirror shows different characteristics being revealed to the viewer, and yet it originates from the same point.

    Is it true that a single person can be the following:

    A father to a child;
    a son to his parent;
    a teacher to children;
    a student of his professor continuing his training over his career;
    a friend to people he knows;
    a brother to a sister;
    a grandfather to his granddaughter;
    a witness to an accident;
    a musician to his fans?

    These are all attributes evident in this one single person simultaneously.

    Has it not occurred to you that the reason you have Allah and we have Brahman is because of our stages of development and our languages? Maybe you are not ready to understand Hinduism, and maybe we have moved beyond the stage of spiritual development you are at. Again, it's not a bad thing. What IS a bad thing is Muslims feel entitled to rule the entire world because you don't like how the rest of us live, and committing communal violence just because you don't like the rules we live under, in America or in India. Why are you there in the first place? Go back to the Middle East and never concern yourselves with this again. Just think... You are at home or at work, and everyone goes to masjids. Do your prayer routines every day. Eat the foods you eat. You are who you are. Accept that and enjoy your daily life with friends and family. Just ignore that this world you don't like exists. Just simply be and enjoy the Muslim life, be happy rather than be concerned and upset that people don't live the way you do.
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  3. Muslim_boy

    Muslim_boy New Member

    When I asked this question, you jumped to another question. Now what you have explained via example is good and seems logical but how can there are many gods? How can they marry other ? And what about your myths that one god is fighting to another?
  4. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    Zarathustra, with Zoroastrianism, was the first person to claim monotheism. Before that, all developed cultures were polytheistic. But essentially, what does it matter what our religious beliefs are, if we can't control anger, and learn to get along with fellow human beings. Live and let live.
  5. Muslim_boy

    Muslim_boy New Member

    Is this the answer to my questions brother ?:(
    You want to let you live as you are ?:eek:
    What if the same question will be asked by your son or daughter, your colleagues or your friends? :cool:
    How can you answer them :rolleyes:
  6. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    My colleagues, friends, etc. all have great respect for people, and what they choose. I wouldn't be a friend of someone who didn't respect other people's choices. Do you respect other people's right to believe the way they wish?
  7. Muslim_boy

    Muslim_boy New Member

    Yes you should respect other about their choice but brother if some of your friend believes in existence of white crow, then will you so him the truth or respect his belief. You spread awareness or just let all the things in there way ?
  8. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    I will respect his belief. I respect everyone;s right to hold their belief. You too. You have the right to believe in Islam. Islam does not and never will make any sense to me personally, but obviously it makes sense to you. As a human being to another human being, I respect that right of yours.
  9. Muslim_boy

    Muslim_boy New Member

    What if you know that others belief is wrong, like ganesha is father of siva, will you correct him or respect his belief
  10. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    If it was something like that, I might point it out to him or her that that wasn't the common understanding, but if they insisted they were right, I'd just walk away. I t would depend on how receptive the individual was to learning more. So it's our duty to correct misunderstandings, but sometimes that's imposssible because of the limited ability of the person we are explaining it to. Like in this, and several more converstaions we have had.
  11. Speechless world

    Speechless world New Member

    well i am hindu and i don't need to believe in what ur saying..coz its dharma not religion where god is a dictator
  12. Sanatan Sinhnaad

    Sanatan Sinhnaad New Member

    the water in different Oceans, Rivers, lakes etc is same. You can't differentiate between water taken from different sources. Water is same and one i.e H2O but it is found in different forms and sources and different places and apparantely called by different names. You can't force water to remain at one place or source or in one form. If you can't do it with water. Why you are doing it with God? How can God remain in one form ? yes God is one and it has to be, But it have different forms and it can take any form according to his own need or love of devotee. It may remain formless or become a simple deity for his beloved devotee. One should experience the God not merely mug its definition. Feel God. love God. Love his devotees. God Bless...
  13. SanatanVedaGyan

    SanatanVedaGyan New Member

    1. Why Hinduism have so many Gods ?

    Ans. - Because Hindus saw, felt knew so many Gods. If you are unable to see them, it is your disability. So get soon please.

    2. Cant you people revert to Islam ?

    Ans. We dont revert or reject. We just live. Read the answer in another thread.

    3. Know the one true god I.E. Allah ?

    Ans. Show me your God to prove that he really exists. Then I will include him in my list of Gods. I will have one more God to follow.
  14. Nimrat

    Nimrat New Member

    "Why Hinduism have so many gods ? Can't you people revert to Islam to know the one true god I. E Allah"
    You are aware of only Hinduism having so many Gods. But even Hinduism has 108 names for each God. An we never felt any difficulty while reciting them. On every occasion we worship different God that doesn't make us irritating instead we celebrate it with enthusiasm. You should have that spiritual aspect, belief in yourself. God is omnipresent. All 33 crores God have only connection to one divine. Temples, prayers, different names, different forms are only the sources for us to believe that God exist. But God is always within us. It deep but true. No one can be forced to follow some other God or no God can be called as true. God is God. Different religion have different names.
  15. Shri Vrindavan Dham

    Shri Vrindavan Dham New Member

    All the God and Godess are generally strength / power of the 3 main power whom we name as Vishu the mentor, Brhama the creator and Shiva the shamharak and their counter part that is Laxmi, Saraswati and Parvati. Every single god has been given their field of work which they take care like Maa Laxmi for wealth part, Maa Saraswati for education part, Maa Kaali/Chamunda for destroying the bad spirit, Maa Annapurna for the meals, Maa Durga to give shakti and the list goes on Same is applicable for gods Kuber, Suryadev, Pawan dev etc. And all these departmentalisation so that the world's act goes on well. So just go through the shastra's as Wolfpack recommended to know indepth And I second the advice of Wolfpack of locking this subject as it will definitely provoke and evoke some unwanted scenario.
  16. rahul malik

    rahul malik New Member

    Basically there is only one supreme god known as energy (Adishakti) and all other forms created by adishakti. And it is beleived that there are 33 crore gods are there in Hinduism.
  17. Saraswati

    Saraswati New Member

    Even Zorastrians had many Gods.
  18. Saraswati

    Saraswati New Member

    Why not, why don't you convert to Hinduism. Ha ha
    Please read Kabir, he was a Hindu Muslim saint, he understood the truth beyond Hindu or Muslim ideas, that is the most important part. When one finds the truth, then they can find it in everything. When religion tends to divide people, we loose the truth. This is the problem with Humanity. Perhaps one day you will realize that Allah is the same as Brahman, except with Hindus to get to Brahman you have many ways, while sufis spin in divine bliss to find Allah , the beloved, Hindus do many dances to get to the same place.

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