Solar and Lunar eclipses of 2014

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    What is Lunar Eclipse(Chandra Grahan) and how it occurs?
    Lunar Eclipse or chandra grahan is time of moons rotation cycle when earth comes in-between sun and moon.
    Lunar Eclipse 15 April 2014
    The eclipse that is about to happen in 15th April 2014 may not be visible in India and hence no effect on people of India and likewise the solar eclipse that is bound to happen on 29th April 2014 will also not be visible India.
    Effects of Lunar Eclipse
    As per Hindu Astrology Lunar Eclipse is quoted as bad sign or omen.
    Moon administers domestic as well as personal issues, psychological as well as social behaviour. It has more to do with personal side of person. as per what i have researched the eclipse cycle primarily impacts women & domestic issues
    Grahan or Eclipse is basically divided into two major categories:
    Story behind the Eclipse as per Hindu story
    There has always been fight between right and wrong , evil and good in Hinduism stories and this story goes something like at time of churning ocean (samudra manthan) when everyone submerged under water , the god (devta's) and demons(asura's) with the help of each other brought everything back to existence and this existence which they created by churning of the ocean were equally distributed among god (devta's) and demons(asura's) but the" immortality giving water(amrit)" was stolen by Demons, hence to get this immortality water back lord vishnu had to take form of Mohini (beautiful female from heavens i.e. apsara). she tactfully gained the amrit (immortality water) by captivating demon's. she tactfully started distributing "immortality giving water" among gods(devta's) in manner that demons(asura's) never knew it, but there was one demon (asura) named Rahu who understood the trick and silently sat between Surya (son god) and Chandrama (moon god) and soon the Surya (son god) and Chandrama (moon god)realized that demon Rahu was not one of them.
    when lord vishu in form of mohini saw this she became aggravated by this tactful act and beheaded demon Rahu and from them onwards it is believed that demon rahu retaliates and indulges in war against Surya (son god) and Chandrama (moon god) and because of this eclipse takes place
    Now, when you know the legend associated with eclipse, let’s move further to know the dates and effects of the Grahan in 2014. In 2014, we will be witnessing 4 eclipses throughout the globe. Let’s check out what effect it will have on the people.

    2014 Grahan: Date & It's Effect
    In 2014 there will be 4 eclipses around the world which may happen in different parts of the world
    its is belived that eclipse has effect all around the globe not only one the places where this eclipse is visible. however the rays of eclipse are considered more harmful where it falls.
    Good things are not done or performed during the eclipse since time is not favourable.
    Duration of eclipse is known as "SUTAK"
    "SUTAK" :It is a unfavourable time.
    No good things are performed at this time
    cosmetics should be avoided.
    one should prohibit from drinking and eating
    No eatable should be eaten or stored after the eclipse (Grahan)
    It is observed 9 hours before the Lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan).
    It is observed 12 hours before the Solar eclipse (Surya Grahan)
    Pregnant ladies should stay indoors and avoid eating during the eclipse time (it can affect childs health as per astrology)
    What should be done during eclipse and sutak ?
    Post eclipse throw some holy Ganga water in the house
    chanting of mantra's i.e.
    I. For lunar eclipse : Om Kshirputrayay Vidmahe Amrit Tatvaaye Dheemahi Tanno Chadrah Prachodayat||
    II. During solar eclipse :Om Adityay Vidmahe Divakaraye Dheemahi Tanno Suryah Prachodayat
    Take bath after eclipse is over
    Fresh cooked food should be consumed after eclipse

    Article old from "The Hindu Forum"

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