Some Unknown Facts about Menstruation And Going to Temple

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    Hinduism is a such a religion in which each practice and ritual have some hidden reason and logic behind it, but unfortunately many ignorant's do not know about it and start accusing Hinduism about discrimination and illogical custom one such thing is why women's and females are not allowed in kitchens and in temples during periods and menstruation cycle.
    Below are some points that I have researched to answer these questions.

    Temples are the places where people come to calm minds and set positive energy in hygenic environment to maintain it is suggested not to enter temples.

    Travelling on those days was very tough coz travelling had to be done on foot or in bullock carts hence to save them physical stress and strain they were suggested not to go to the temples as many times temples were bit far if not near.

    On those days everyone took bath in pond or river which was nearby temples and a location nearby was used as potable source of water as well as was also used for washing clothes, when a women in her menstruating cycle bathed in these ponds or rivers, the bloody discharge during periods increased the iron content in the water. This iron during periods in turn attracted bacteria's who loved iron resulting in significant increase their numbers in the water. This increase in bacteria tend to make pond water slimy and brown and unfit for drinking simultaneously it would stain any clothes which were washed there ,therefore, the women's were not allowed to take bath in these ponds during the most heavily menstruating days i.e. day1 through 3 as a result of it they were unclean and hence not allowed inside the temple

    This reason was valid long time ago but it stopped being valid in modern days world with the private bathrooms coming in the life of mankind but old habits die hard

    Womens on those days worked really hard throughout the month and hence they were given rest during menstruation days as it is said that they should not touch agni hotre or any godly thing during menstruation period along with some spiritual reasoning.

    There may be many more reasons for it, which i might be doing research on with time.
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    My research has discovered that it is still a valid custom, and it pertains to blood of all kinds. Open blood has a lower vibration to it. (Think war, pain.) So it draws in the wrong kinds of spirits, namely asuras. We want negative (not the right word, but I can't think of anything else) forces to remain out of the temple.

    Mystical people can sense the drop in energy when blood flows in a temple, visible or not.

    This custom is in many religions, including Judaism, early Christianity, tribal religions and more.

    Who do we want to call when we do puja? We stay clean, we bathe, we burn incense, etc. We want the blessings of Gods and devas.

    Hindus are patient people, and should fully understand the waves of the universal cycles, and it all comes around. One of the primary reasons many Hindu temples are closed to non-Hindus is because of this.

    Of course, people who aren't mystically inclined, or have no respect for tradition, with a rebellious nature, won't follow this custom. That is their right, too, to demand entitlement. But there is karma in that attitude too.
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    I think blood is not allowed in temple, even bali .i.e. animal sacrifice is not done in temple boundary its done near by village ...i would need research to know more about it..
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    i think , i will buy few of these i have clear understanding of why women's were not allowed to enter temple during menstruation cycle in olden days :)
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    So, now I understood the actual reason for, why women are not allowed in divine area in their menstrual days. There is a logical reason behind it. We cant's say it's harming any body's sentiments. Yes of course, in some places, women are even debarred from playing sports and doing physical activities even though we, today, have the best sanitary protector in the name of menstrual cups. Menstrual cups, as suggested by big brands for which you can jump here, if used in periods instead of pads and tampons, becomes a motivating factor for doing any physical activity to choice of the women. Apart from this, rituals should be followed for divine places.

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