South african Hindu Ishaaan Isamel Ersamus who merged in vedic dharma

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    meet another south african Hindu Ishaaan Isamel Ersamus who merged in vedic dharma

    I believe there is one God Creator with many manefestations. I believe in love and peace and tollerance. I believe we are all brothers and sisters and that the only way liberation can come to mankind is when our mindsets change. There are many debates within different religions and even in Hinduism about who is wrong or right- but I believe in all these heated debates and people getting angry they forget one truth- that we all are brothers and sisters from our Lord Creator and that all these teachings are only for us to change our mindsets to awareness. When there is peace in the mind and love in the heart, you become sincere and can realise God's presence because you practice purity of mind body and soul by merely expanding the love and understanding in your heart. Any scripture can give you peace if you read it with the right intention and the sages have taught us throughout the ages we must strive for peace and for pure intentions and sincerity- so that we don't become too much absorbed in the chaos of the world. Let us love and strive for peace and protect Hinduism from agressiveness, hatred and violence and fanaticism. Let us preach love and understanding and he wisdom of God instead of mere knowledge

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