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    1. Way, householder life paths are incomplete without each other husband and wife, the same way on God's path without wisdom and devotion to each other are incomplete.

    According to Shastras is not devotion to the eyes, and wisdom are not the legs, the path of God, devotion to the wisdom and wisdom eyes watching from the devotion of the foot support moves, only God's path Distance is.
    2. Pensive contemplation of nature, and contemplation of God is free from all worries.

    Every person in the world is thinking, without thinking a person can not live a moment, the world thinking the world is received from the person, and God's thinking is received from the person to God.

    When the person is thinking God does not think of the world, and the person does not think of God the world seems to be automatically think of.

    That person should always try to find out that thinking in her mind what is going on.

    3. Jisa prakar sard ritu ke badal keval garajte hai baraste nahi hain aur varsha ritu ke badal bina garaje hi barasate hain.

    usi prakar dusht svabhav ke log keval kahate hain parantu karte nahi hain aur sant svabhav ke log keval karte hain parantu kahate nahi hain.

    4. Spiritual book knowledge into practical knowledge will not change until done, then any person to any other person to teach spiritual book of knowledge is not official.

    If someone does say that he is only guilty in the sight of God, so the person should try to share only the own experience.
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    Spirituality is a broad concept it includes a connection to something bigger than ourselves and involves a search of meaning in our life.

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