Sri Mapanji Jambaya (????- 1157)

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    In the year 1135, Sri Mapanji Jayabaya became the king of the Kedri Kingdom in the eastern part of Java. He reunified Java after it split, after his predecessor Airlangga died. Many Indonesian Hindus believe him to be an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. As a king, he was reputed to be extremely just. He was the ratu adil or archetype of the just king who is born to restore social justice, order, and harmony in the world during the Jamam Edan or dark era. Sri Mapanji Jayabaya also was the patron of the great work, Bharatayuddha (literally means Indian War), the Javanese version of the Hindu work, the Mahabharata.

    Sri Mapanji Jayabaya made several amazingly accurate prophesies. Sri Mapanji Jayabaya also foretold in a prediction that white men (the Dutch) would rule Java, and acts as tyrants over the Javanese populace. These white men will be expelled, however by yellow men from a northen land (the Japanese) who would rule Java for a single crop cycle, after which, Indonesia would be freed. Sri Mapanji Jambaya also stated that he would return in the next jamam edan when "when iron wagons drive without horses and ships sail through the sky he will come to rescue and reunite Indonesia after an acute crisis, ushering in the dawn of a new golden age."

    The accuracy of Sri Mapanji Jayabaya are amazing. The Dutch conquered Indonesia. They were later defeated by the Japanese during World War II. The Japanese stayed in Indonesia for three years, after which they left Indonesia independence, since the Japanese knew that they could no longer win the war. Indonesian nationalists, Sukarno and Mohammed Hatta, declared Indonesia independent soon after the Japanese left. Other than for the fact that the Japanese stayed in Indonesia for three years rather than one year, which the prophesy stated, Sri Mapanji Jayabaya's prophesy is completely accurate. Many Indonesian Hindus believe that Sri Mapanji Jayabaya will return soon, as the jamam edan he spoke of seems to match our times. Along with Sabdapalon, many Indonesian Hindus believe that Indonesia will enter an new golden age, under Hindu rule.

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