Sri Ramakrishna Parable of a Seeking Men

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    Sri Ramakrishna - "A man wanted a smoke. He went to a neighbour's house to light his charcoal. It was the dead of night and the household was asleep. After he had knocked a great deal, someone came down to open the door. At sight of the man he asked, 'Hello! What's the matter?'

    The man replied: 'Can't you guess? You know how fond I am of smoking. I have come here to light my charcoal.' The neighbour said: 'Ha! Ha! You are a fine man indeed! You took the trouble to come and do all this knocking at the door! Why, you have a lighted lantern in your hand!' (All laugh.)

    "What a man seeks is very near him. Still he wanders about from place to place.

    Source: from book "Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna"

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