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    We all the miracles of the Hanuman chalisa, but here is how the Hanuman chalisa came to be just round 420 years ago...

    Swami Tulsidas had a boon that he will meet Hanuman, since Hanuman was a ''Chirangjeevi'' (''immortal'' -Hanuman is still on earth here with us in physical form because he promised Sri Ram That he will stay here and protect Rams devotees).
    - Although Swamiji was a Ram bhakht, he had met with Hanumanji personally countless of times with utmost devotion to Sri Ram.
    (let it be known again that this happen just 420 years ago)

    Swamiji used to do many miracles & once brought a dead husband of a poor wife back to life !!!

    Once there was a powerful king named ''Akbar'' in Deli. Swamiji had meet this king and this king had challenged him to show Sri Ram to him.
    Swamiji said that he can't do this as it takes years of devotion to see Sri Ram.
    Saying this, he was imprisoned.
    While imprisoned in Deli, Swamiji wrote the 40 verses of the Hanuman Chalisa and used to chat it.

    When he wrote the last verse, then the whole town in Deli that had him imprisoned had been under attack by huge MONKEYS !!!!
    The king's forces had failed to do anything against the monkeys.
    Realizing his mistake, the king had released Swami Tulsidas from captivity.
    Once Swamiji was released, the attacks from the monkeys had stopped !!!

    Swamiji had wrote in the Hanuman chalisa...
    ''Jo sat bar, path kar khoi, choot tain bhandi maha shuk hoi''
    -chopia 38 after doha.''
    ''Jo yah pade hanuman chalisa, hohe' siddi saki guaressa.
    -choia 39 after doha.''
    These chopia means...
    ''One who recites the hanuman chalisa 100 times becomes free from the bondage of life and death and enjoys the highest bliss.''
    ''Those who chants these 40 verses regularly are sure to be free as Bhagwan Shankar is witness.''

    I can stand up proud and give my testimony and say that the Hanuman Chalisa has shown its power and miracles in my life as well, and i will continue chanting it 'till i die.

    BY : Raam Hanumanji

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