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    Sage Pulastya is one among the Nava Brahamas, one of the Brahmarshis (mind-born sons of Lord Brahma. He was believed to be born from the ears of Lord Brahma according to the this sloka:

    pulaho nābhito jajñe
    pulastyaḥ karṇayor ṛṣiḥ
    ańgirā mukhato 'kṣṇo 'trir
    marīcir manaso 'bhavat
    pulahaḥ — the sage Pulaha; nābhitaḥ — from the navel; jajñe — generated; pulastyaḥ — the sage Pulastya; karṇayoḥ — from the ears; ṛṣiḥ — the great sage; ańgirāḥ — the sage Ańgirā; mukhataḥ — from the mouth; akṣṇaḥ — from the eyes; atriḥ — the sage Atri; marīciḥ — the sage Marīci; manasaḥ — from the mind; abhavat — appeared.

    Sage Pulastya was the authorized entity who handed over or propagated some of the sacred Puranas like Padma Purana, Vishnu Purana, Vamana Purana etc., to the human kind. He propagated the gist of Vishnu Purana to mankind through one other great Sage Parasara (father of Vyasa Bhagawan). This is very interesting legend. Once through some reliable sources, Sage Parasara became aware that a demoniac king was responsible for the death of his father and he became enraged and prepared to perform a Yagna which would enable him to destroy the whole demoniac race just like King Janamanjeya who took oath of destroying the whole race of snakes through Sarpayaga. Hence, Sage Parashara began the Yagna and started killing all the demons by pulling them into sacred fires of Yagna pyre. At this disastrous step, Sage Vashista (grandfather of Sage Parasara) appeared before him and advised him not punish the whole race for the bad deed of a single demoniac king.
    Sage Parashara being the descendent of Vashista’s clan and Sage Vashista being the sage of superior order, he could not take away the word of such a great and Holy Sage (Sage Vashista). Sage Parashara discontinued the performance of the Yagna. Sage Pulastya being the first ancestor of the demoniac race appeared before him and appreciated for his very nature of tolerance and let-go attitude of Brahaminaic tendency. He blessed Sage Parashara that he will be the master of every kind of Science and shared the knowledge of Vishnu Purana with him. Sage Parashara further propagated it.
    Even though Sage Pulasthya was the first ascendant of demoniac race (grandfather of the Mighty Ravana), he was saint to his very true nature. Once so happened that Sage Pulasthya was passing through a river and he wanted to cross it. At that time, he noticed a scorpion was fallen into the water and treading its way to come out of the water and save its life. Sage Pulasthya took pity in that scorpion and took it out with his left hand and still was holding it. Because of its very nature, scorpion stung the sage. The pain caused the sage to wriggle his hand at once which made the scorpion to fall into the water back. The sage developed a severe and painful sore because of the sting of the scorpion. The scorpion which is back in the water was again struggling to save its life. This time, Sage Pulastya with the help of two cup-shaped leaves pulled out the scorpion and left it on the ground. This whole episode was being watched by a passerby and when he enquired with the sage that why did he save the scorpion for the second time after it has stung him for the first time. Sage Pulastya then answered him by its true nature irrespective of a savior or destroyer, the scorpion has stung him even though he saved its life, similarly, whether some creature or human irrespective of their behavior, a saint is not supposed to leave the righteous path. The passerby prostrated to Sage Pulastya for his profound wisdom. The same logic applies when we try to understand that why did Lord Krishna bless Salvation to Demoness Putana which tried to kill Lord Krishna as considering him as a mere infant. The basic nature of a demon is to destroy without realizing the pain caused to the victim and the magnanimous mind of The Almighty will always make him to respond with love towards every entity of his own creation. At this point we need to realize that saintliness is not a monopoly or property of blessed few. It can be exhibited by anybody but it needs lot of patience and a strong will of habituating it.
    Sage Pulastya has many wonderful references in Puranas. Sage Pulasthya revealed many secrets of creation and its processes to Bhisma (grandfather of Pandavas and Kauravas) on the direction of Lord Brahma in Padma Purana. He also sanctified Narada by sharing his knowledge about Vamana Avatara in Vamana Purana. He is the father of two great sages, Sage Agastya and Sage Visravas (father of Ravana) whom he begot from Priti(sister of Sati, Lord Shiva’s Consort) and Haribhoo (daughter of Kardama Prajapati) respectively.
    Sage Pulastya who was a learned yogi, being the propagator of Puranic knowledge to the mankind was one of the Saptarishis in first Manvantara. He was living on Planet Earth since Satya Yuga when mountains were able to fly and move from one place to the other and begot children. The same Holy sage was very concerned about the welfare of mankind and was always willing to perform deeds which were meant for the well-being of the humanity. As a part of it, he once visited Varanasi (Kasi) and was under great pleasure to bath in the Holy waters of River Ganges, while appreciating the Almighty for His grace, had a thought that it would have been very good if there was a presence of a beautiful mountain which can be a good place for sages to perform penance in a tranquil atmosphere. He approached Mountain Dronachal to fulfill this purpose. He asked Dronachal to send his son Govardhana Hill which descended onto this Earth from Goloka Vrindavana to make the place of Kashi more sacred by its presence.
    Govardhana Hill was very pleasant to look with beautiful creepers, greenery and wonderful flora and fauna standing as an ideal hill to be present at Kashi. Dronachal was in an uncomfortable situation and was not very willing to send Govardhan with Sage Pulasthya. Sage Pulasthya being a great sage, realized the mind set of Dronachal and was about to curse him. Govardhan does not wanted his father to undergo the wrath of sage, readily agreed to go with him based on a condition that he would not go any further if the sage placed him on the ground in the journey of going to Kashi. Sage Pulasthya agreed for this and Hill Govardhana followed him. While passing on the way, they have to cross the Land of Vraja (Lord Krishna’s Childhood place). Hill Govardhana was wonderstruck by the natural beauty of that place and its flora and fauna mesmerized him. He does not want to go any further. As a part of the plan, Govardhana through his divine powers made Sage Pulasthya to realize the need to attend his Nature’s call. The desire was so strong that being a Sage also he could not control himself and made a halt on the land of Vrajabhoomi. After the Nature’s call was attended, Sage Pulasthya wanted to continue his journey but Hill Govardhana made him to revive his condition. Sage Pulasthya through his sixth sense realized the devious plan of Govardhana and cursed him that the mighty hill which is 30,000 meters wide would decrease in size of the mustard seed everyday and would be drawn into Earth by the end of Kali Yuga.
    Sage Pulastya was a sage of great Sattvik energy and a man of profound wisdom who was intelligent enough to realize how to utilize his penance power for the welfare of the mankind. It is a rare quality to possess the tendency to appreciate the magnanimous attitude of his fellow sage who willed to destroy the whole race of his descendents and bless him (Sage Parasara) to be one of the building blocks and developers of human society. Just like other great sages, Sage Pulasthya bestowed us with profound and ultimate wisdom of Puranas not only through teaching but also by action. He lived up to the ideals he taught to the mankind.(This article is credited to Smt.Rama Chintakunta )

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