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    Sage Bhrigu being one among the Mind-Born sons of Lord Brahma is well-known for his aggressive tendencies but at the same time he was sage of Absolute Knowledge of Atma (soul). He is also known to be one of the Prajapatis who assisted Lord Brahma in the process of creation. He is said to have taken birth from the heart part of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma is so miraculous that he can create living entities by the power of his thought. Sage Bhrigu was married to Kyati one of the daughters’ of Daksha Prajapati. He had other two wives by name Puloma (Kardama Prajapati’s Daughter) and Usana. Sage Bhrigu has a wonderful lineage. He blessed Khyati with two sons Dhata and Vidhata and a daughter Shri (Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu’s Consort) hence Goddess Lakshmi is also known as Bhargavi as she is the daughter of Sage Bhrigu. Puloma was blessed with a radiant and bright child known as Chyavana (father of Sage Rucheeka) who in the course became a great sage and Brahma Jnani. Sage Bhrigu blessed Usana with a wonderful son Shukra who was destined to become the Guru for all Daityas (demons) and popular for the propagating Sanjeevini Mantra by the grace of Lord Shiva in the process of rejuvenating the Danava Race.
    Sage Bhrigu is popular for performing Yagas for the fulfillment of the desires of many people. Specifically, he helped many kings to perform Putrakamesti Yaga for begetting sons. In this connection, a famous legend goes like this. In Satya Yuga, there was king by Yavanashwa. He was not blessed with children and hence approached Sage Bhrigu for help. Sage Bhrigu made him to perform Putrakamesthi Yagna. By the time the Yagna finished, it was mid-night. As directed by the Sage, Yavanashwa carried a bowl full of holy water of Yagna to be consumed by his wife. Because of Divine indulgence, the king felt great thirst and could not behold himself and drank the holy water. Later when Sage Bhrigu came to know about this, being a Jnani realized that this is nothing but divine will and hence blessed the King that instead of his wife he will carry the child and assured that his progeny would be a great emperor. The king bore the fetus in his tummy for 100 years (at this point, we need to understand that in Satya Yuga ladies bore the fetus for 100 years as they were blessed times and biological processes happened slowly because of the long life span. As the ages passed everything fastened and by Dwapara Yuga, ladies bore children for 3 years as it is known that Shakuntala bore Bharata for 3 years in her womb. As the time proceeded to Kali Yuga, biological processes are also fast and hence women bear children only for 9 months to give a proof of the short life span). After 100 years, the king gave birth to a radiant son who in the course of time became Mandata (Shatchakravarthis) one of the famous six emperors of Vedic age.
    Sage Bhrigu was once approached by a tiger-faced vidhyadara and his beautiful wife. He prostrated before Sage Bhrigu and sorted his help. With the aid of his divine insight, Sage Bhrigu was able to understand that this particular Vidhyadara took head bath the next day after the Ekadasi fasting. He then consoled him (Vidhadara) and directed him to take bath in any of the holy rivers in the month of Magha to free himself from his sin. Sage Bhrigu is well-versed in the righteous conduct which was framed in Bhrigu Smriti but in Satya Yuga Manu Smriti was famous as he was contemporary to Manu. Among his contributions to Mankind, Sage Bhrigu also developed his version of Astrology based on genetic code ie., Nadi Jyothishya. In a similar format we have various types of Nadi Jyothishya framed by various great sages like Sage Agastya known as Agastya Nadi Jyothishya. Among all of them, Bhrigu Nadi Jyothisya is a prominent one and seems to provide absolutely correct predictions.
    Sage Bhrigu even though a sage of high order he is popular for his aggressiveness and he never spared even the Creation Trio in this issue. Once there waged a war between Demons and Deities in absence of Sage Shukracharya (went to perform penance for the grace of Lord Shiva) which made the upper hand of Deities and demons were being killed and there was nobody to sort help. At last, with being no option left, Daityas approached Usana, mother of Shukracharya. Being a pious lady, she developed some miraculous powers. Usana through her penance power and ardent devotion towards her husband made Devas to freeze. Devas then sorted help from Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu assured them to help but could not assault a woman as it is against righteous conduct to attack the woman at first. Lord Vishnu disguised himself into a ferocious wild beast and attacked her. Usana was able to understand that the beast is Lord Vishnu in disguise through her penance power. At once she determined to curse saying that it is her duty to protect her children in the absence of her son Shukracharya and was about to burn Lord Vishnu into ashes. Before she could finish her wordings for curse, he killed her with Sudharashana Chakra. Later when Sage Bhrigu got to know about this, he cursed Lord Vishnu that he will be born many times in the human form to understand the pain of being bound in mother’s womb before taking birth. Hence as a part of it, Lord Srihari is incarnated as Sage Parashurama in the Bhrigu clan also. Sage Bhrigu brought Usana back to life through his penance powers.
    Sage Bhrigu being a mind-born son of Lord Brahma possessed the Rajasic tendencies in his genetic code and he never stopped daring even to clash against the Creation Trio for the sake of well-being of humanity. Once all the sages decided to perform a Grand Yagna for the welfare of humanity. According to the rule of performing Yagna rituals, the fruit (result of worship, Yagnaphalam) of Yagna have to be destined to be offered and accepted by a superior most deity. All the sages were in dilemma for whom to offer the fruit of Yagna for which the capability of the Creation Trinity has to be tested for which no sage dared. At last, Sage Bhrigu volunteered to fulfill this task. As a part of the decision-making, Sage Bhrigu visited Brahmaloka. Lord Brahma was busy with his creation affairs and could not notice the arrival of Sage Bhrigu. Even though he was the mind-born son of Lord Brahma, Sage Bhrigu as he shared his Rajasic tendencies did not even greet Lord Brahma. Waiting a considerable time for his response, Sage Bhrigu lost his temper and cursed Lord Brahma that no entity would worship him. Then he proceeded further to Mount Kalish, Lord Shiva’s abode. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were immersed in divine dance and could not pay any attention to Sage Bhrigu. This act of Divine Parents enraged him further and also cursed Lord Shiva that he would be worshipped in the form of Linga hence forth. As a last trial with his anger, Sage Bhrigu entered Vaikunta where Lord Vishnu was busy in fun and frolic with Goddess Lakshmi. At this sight, Sage Bhrigu could not contain himself anymore and at once he kicked Lord Vishnu on his chest (Goddess Lakshmi’s abode) with his left leg. Lord Vishnu realized the whole episode undergone by Sage Bhrigu and to pacify him starting massaging his feet and enquired about the well-being of his foot as it might have strained because of the heavy ornaments he wore. Lord Vishnu in a very intelligent manner, crushed the eye behold in the bottom part of the foot of Sage Bhrigu which made him to lose the quality of short temper. Wisdom got awakened at once and he apologized to Lord Vishnu for his misbehavior. Lord Vishnu being always affectionate towards his devotees blessed Sage Bhrigu that his footmark will remain forever on his chest. Sage Bhrigu prostrated before Lord Vishnu for his ever-happiness tendency and praised him he is the only Deity who conquered Anger and hence is eligible to receive the worships of the Yagna. He left the place to declare the Sattvik Tendencies of Lord Vishnu to the assembly of Sages. This episode has raised curtain for Lord Srihari to incarnate as Lord Venkateshwara because Goddess Lakshmi felt belittled and insulted as Sage Bhrigu kicked Lord Vishnu’s chest which is her abode and left Vaikunta at once. Vaikunta lost its charm and luster in the absence of Lakshmi which made Lord Vishnu to descend to Planet Earth to pacify her. Meanwhile, Goddess Lakshmi realized her wrong doing and started performing penance in the regard of Lord Shiva to retain Lord Vishnu as her husband which is another interesting episode.
    Coming back to Sage Bhrigu, he is one of the Nava Brahmas who assisted the creation process. He established his hermitage near Mount Kailas performed penance which ascended him to the position of Saptarishis in the first Manvatara. Sage Bhrigu was a rishi of high order and possessed many acclaims of performing superior Yagnas for the well being of mankind. (this article is credited to Smt. Rama chintakunta)

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