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    Kabirdas as he was popularly known was one of India’s great sons! He was one among many jewels India gave out to the spiritual world! Lahartara is a verdant locality near Varanasi that has beautiful garden and a pond.

    This is the exact place where Neeru (a) Jijabhai and Neema also called Dhamal, the poor Muslim couple found the new born baby Kabir. He was brought up with many social upheavals and conflicts of cultures. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and who mastered our philosophical thought and became a radiating saint in his own right.

    Kabirdas’s parents were extremely poor weavers of Varanasi. But they led a life that was virtuous. They did not have any offspring for a long time and they got old too. Once as they dutifully attended to a guest at their home, he told them looking at their inner plight and sorrow, that they would be blessed with a child soon!

    The blessing filled the heart of Neeru but Dhamal was very sarcastic and said at this age how can the blessing of our guest bear fruit? He asked. But Neeru was assertive and said that they have been faithfully doing their ordained duty, and god would never fail them.

    Dismissing her assertion, he continued to concentrate on his daily routine, and as usual he took the bundle of silk threads to wash them in the stream of Ganga. There too he found many people steeped in devotion were praying the matha Ganga. He found many are praying for an offspring!

    This Dhamal considered to be very mundane and would only add to the misery of the people who are already suffering under the burden of samsara or the family life! While thinking like that he pushed the silk thread bundle into the stream, unfortunately due to heavy current he lost the bundle and it got carried away in the swirling waters of the river!

    Dejected at the turn of events and with a resolve that he would sit in meditation upon the Lord almighty, he sat at a quiet place on the banks of Ganga and gave up the thought of returning to his home! Soon he suddenly heard a small baby crying! This disturbed Dhamal and looked at the direction the sound was coming from!

    He found a baby unattended lying there on the banks of the river! Unique feeling went through his whole body, and he rushed towards the toddler and picked him up, as soon he was picked up he stopped crying, and was looking at Dhamal with his wide open eyes! Captivated by his looks, he took him and rushed back to his home! Neeru was astonished to find her husband with a cute baby upon his shoulders! Tears rolled down her eyes and thanked God for answering her prayers and also making her words true!

    She felt the toddler’s cute little legs and hands that were so soft and tender and could not contain her tears and silently wept in sheer joy thinking of compassion of the Lord!

    The child was named Kabir and was brought up with lots of love and affection. The name means “great” after their celebrated “Al Kabir”. Kabir grew up fast and since their family was devoted to Nagapathn, he was more inclined to Hindu way of worship than the Islamic way of life, especially he found a unique bond with Sri Ram and was constantly chanting His name.

    In the course of time the parents wanted to perform the “Sunnath” ceremony to Kabir but he refused putting forth powerful arguments against it suggesting that it has no connection what so ever with his spiritual advancement. Finally the family had to relent and withdrew.

    But their community did not take this lightly and refused to accept patronising the family. So Kabir had to spend his time at home, and his father trained him in weaving and made him assist his weaving. Days passed and Kabir used to sing praise of the Lord and continue his job.

    Once when he was singing in praise of the Lord, it was found that the loom was automatically shuttling! This surprised his father and made him ponder over his attainments in bhakti. Once due to the strain of poverty Kabir’s mother reprimanded him by scolding him of being slow in weaving and said he would get food only upon selling the two yards woven by him that day!

    Kabir knew the feelings of his mother and also her love for him. Silently he took the garment and went away to the market.
    He had spent considerable time at the market place trying to sell that garment, but none would buy it! Kabir was disappointed and decided that he would go hungry and started his journey way back home. At that time an old man confronted Kabir and asked him to gift it to him.

    Wondering at this request, Kabir politely refused. But suddenly the stranger grabbed the cloth and fled! Kabir chased him shouting and calling him thief! Finally he caught him and by now a small crowd had gathered around them to witness this entire melee.

    The stranger asked Kabir what is so great about this piece of cloth that Kabir had come to sell it in the market! What pittance it would fetch? Saying so, not waiting for any response from Kabir he tore the piece of cloth !
    Kabirdas pleaded with the crowd to help him get the cost of that cloth from that old Brahmin, and also assured them that whatever they decide would be agreeable to him, then each one from the crowd started shouting one, two, four and so on. The price reached 10 varahan (unit of currency at that time).

    But the old man protested and said it is torn and is worth few pebbles that he has, saying so he gave the pebbles from his pocket! He also said that if the cloth is given free he will adorn the deity at Brindavan with it. He also narrated the punya phala due to this dana.

    This small sermon began to change the mind of Kabir, he thought over the issue, anyway whatever it may fetch is not going to solve his problem and his mother is anyway going to shout at him for having spoiled an opportunity to earn.

    Suddenly the old man started talking about dyana and also about Rama nama! As he was holding a portion of a torn cloth that remained with him after giving the other portion to the old man, people began to disperse muttering that Kabir has no other option except to go home with what remains, and take those pebbles that are given.

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    As he was leaving the place a Muslim fakir came and requested Kabir to give him the small cloth that he was holding and he said since it is too cold, it would serve him to cover his ears! And giving away ones possession like this will do a lot of good to Kabir!

    Then Kabir thought for a while about the quick succession of events and decided that it was god’s will that these are happening and gladly gave that piece of cloth to that fakir uttering the name of Sri Ram and suddenly that old fakir got infuriated and called him names and told him that he approached him only because he was a Muslim and he has understood that he is a Kafir (non Muslim) and cannot accept anything from him.

    But Kabir told him about his good intensions and virtue of accepting a gift from a devotee. Instead of agreeing, the old man started shouting that Kabir is preaching some other philosophy to wean away him from his faithful religion.

    He also woved to go to his house and inform his mother about his anti religious activities!

    Saying so without even waiting for a response he rushed towards Kabir’s house. Kabir too ran fast and hid himself in the house in a dark corner. Then that Fakir entered and called out to his mother, Neeru came out worry writ all over her face.

    The fakir completely turned the story around and said that as Kabir was approaching an old Brahmin to gift that cloth, he intervened and asked him to give it to him as he was a poor Muslim Fakir and Kabir not only got angry but tore the cloth into two pieces and gave one to that Brahmin and threw the small one at him and said that if he goes to his mother she would give him a new shawl and that is why he rushed to tell her how ungrateful Kabir is.

    The Fakir also suggested that he would guard the front gate and urged Kabir’s mother to lock the rear gate and apprehend the errant boy and punish him. Neeru really got angry now and took the long stick from the hands of that Fakir and caught hold of Kabir who was hiding and started beating him with that stick.

    It was then it happened, the lashes were felt by all even by Kabir’s mother and also by that Fakir. All shouted in pain. Suddenly there was a dazzling light and there stood Lord Sriman Narayan! He fondly creased the back of Kabir’s back and told him that he was prepared to gift away that piece of cloth even when he was aware of his own utter poverty.

    Neeru stood there along with that Fakir dumbfounded tears were rolling down her eyes. That Fakir too was wonderstruck as he has not witnessed anything like this in his life time. Both of them without being aware of what they were doing raised their palms in prayer.

    The Lord spoke to Kabir and told him that Gyana marga is difficult and suggested that he adopt Bakthi instead and reach him in due course of time. And also urged him to seek a guru and attain the pinnacle of Bakthi. Saying so, he blessed all and disappeared.
    Duriyng his time like Hiranya Kasipu who tried to kill Prahaladha, Sikandar Lodhi , the Badsha tried to kill Kabir, but he remained un harmed and was shining like gold.

    Finally he gave up and asked for his pardon and Kabir readily pardoned him. There was a saint called Ramananda at that time in Varanasi teaching Bakthimarga to his devotees and Kabir found him to be a true devotee of the Lord and wanted to learn scriptures from Swami Ramananda who initially refused to teach him. But Kabir never relented.

    One day when Ramananda was performing manasa pooja to his Lord, he had put the crown first and tried to garland the deity. He was unsuccessful. He did not want to remove the crown! After finishing his manasa pooja without adorning the Lord with garland, he came out saw Kabir standing at the gate.

    Kabir politely said he could still complete his pooja of adorning the Lord with the garland, all that needs to be done is to un tie the garland! This startled the guru, and he knew about the greatness of Kabir and immediately accepted him as his disciple.
    Once a group of Muslims wanted to debate and win over Kabir and then draw him back to their faith. But during the debate Kabir put forth arguments that Ram and Rahim are one and the same and cannot be different. They finally accepted his argument. Then there was a great pundit and an accomplished guru called Machendranath. He was proficient in many yogic siddhis. He had a student called Goraknath.

    This student was very proud of his accomplishments. He traveled to many nearby towns from Kasi and engaged in debates and during such a journey he came back to Kasi and wanted to have a debate with Swami Ramananda the guru of Kabirdas. When other sishyas got to know of this they were afraid that it would be futile to debate with such a person and would result in their guru losing his reputation.

    Ramananda himself was weary of the prospect. It was then Kabirdas came and suggested that he may be permitted to debate with him. Ramananda felt that Kabir was not at all equal to that Goraknath and would eventually fail miserably. So he discouraged him.But Kabir politely insisted on his debate and after paying respects to his guru went to meet the saint Goraknath.

    On seeing the young person before him urging him to debate, he shouted saying that his guru was afraid of debating and that is why he has sent a weak student. He also warned that the student would face serious consequences of this action. But Kabirdas was unmoved, he said that without wasting time on such prattle they could get down to debate!

    This challenge surprised the opponent. Suddenly Kabirdas threw the ball of wool he had carried and it rose from the ground like a tall pole and stood firm and Kabir climbed on it and sat on the top of it and urged Goraknath to do a similar fete and argue from there! Stunned Goraknath asked Kabir to come down and he did so but appeared as Machendranath!

    Immediately Goraknath transformed into Vishnu like form, Kabir took the form of his Guru Ramananda, puzzled by all thisgoraknath conceded defeat and fell sown at the feet of Kabir and praised his Guru bakthi. Later he learnt many philosophical treatises from Kabir.

    Present day Gorakpur is named after him! In the meanwhile Kabirdas was married to Sundhara, and led a pious life. He considered Aditi bojan as a great act of virtue and followed it. He had two sons and the eldest son was Kamal who was also a devotee of Lord Rama like Kabir.

    Afterwards once again Kabir had to debate with Goraknath and won over him and then he spent his entire life time, and his preachings came to be known as Kabir panth. His poems of philosophy are popular even today.
    SOURCE: Vedas For the Young ones

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