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    Santosh mujumdar :

    This is my experience with the miraculous healing power of Sudarshan Kriya. This experience will not only benefit those who have not done the basic part I course but also to those who have done the course but are irregular with the follow up kriya or having slight doubt in their mind regarding the benefits of the Sudarshan kriya:

    Since my childhood I have noticed that I have tremors in my hand. I could not hold objects properly. I used to literally struggle to write and which eventually end up with very bad hand writing. Normally pattern of hand writing is set some where around the age of 7-8 years; however in my case hand writing would depend on tremors in hand at that time. I was good in studies but in examinations I could not perform because I could not write the question papers in given time. These tremors would increase whenever I have to meet someone or there is any important event such as interview or facing new situations or persons. Because of this I was suffering tremendous anxiety in mind whether I could perform or not or what will happen if the opposite person see me with my hands shaking. This anxiety and nervousness would not allow me to speak properly in front of any new person and I would struggle to speak even few words to express myself though I might know the matter. This worry occupied major portion of my mind putting block on creative and clear thinking. This anxiety affected my sleep also. In my Board examination i.e. 11th Standards (year 1978), though I know how to solve all the questions papers, I could write only up to 80-75% with shaking hands. For god¢s sake, I could secure 71% and got admission in Engineering college.

    In engineering college also I used to avoid interactions with teaching staff and other students except chosen few in order to hide my ailment. In verbal exams also I could not fare well because of anxiety and nervousness in spite of knowing the matter. Though I desired to do post graduate and appear in U.P.S.C. exams but I knew that I would not because of this serious shortcomings. I have to therefore settle down with government job which for god¢s sake I could able to secure. And I am grateful to god for that matter. In job also I used to avoid meeting top bosses. Many a times I would think why this is with me. More I think more I get frustrated. Some time I used to think of committing suicide. I could not concentrate on any activities as always these thoughts would occupy my mind. In short these shortcomings were a great impediment to my growth in life and also seriously affected my day to working.

    I have started looking for allopathic treatment since 1982 with the help of my sister, who was studying medicine at that time. The head of department, Neurology, Medical College, Indore, at that time opined that he can hardly do anything. In Mumbai, I first consulted one neurologist at Goregaon in 1989. He continued my treatment till 1995 by advising medicines for anxiety. Initially that helped a bit in the sense that my anxiety had reduced till I consumed medicines and I could have sound sleep. Not fully satisfied with the treatment, I have consulted one head of department of Neurology at Nanavati Hospital, in 1995. He also treated me till 1999. Finally I enquired about best neurologist of Mumbai. My search landed me to the head of department neurology at Bombay Hospital. I heard that not only he is best in Mumbai but probably in India. He is a very senior doctor awarded with ¡Padmashree¢ by Government of India. His treatment has offered me some relief to the extent that it reduced tremors little bit till I continued with the medicines.
    After some duration with treatment, i.e. for nearly 3 years, he gave me a shock that I have to consume the medicines for entire life and for avoiding anxiety during stress causing situations, he advised me a small dose of ¡RED WINE¢.

    During my allopathic treatment, I did some personality development courses including meditation courses. I had virtually gone for spiritual shopping. One of my friends suggested doing Art of Living course. Finally I landed up in Basic part I course in 1999. However I have not followed up thereafter. I did also not know venue for follow up. One day volunteers namely Raju, Minu and others came in our building and gave intro talk and told me to come for follow up. I wanted to avoid consuming RED WINE and hence this time I took up seriously and started doing Kriya regularly. I also started attending long kriya once a week. The benefits of Sudarrshan Kriya started showing results and after 3 months I completely stopped medicines which I was consuming since 1989. I meanwhile did Divya Samaj Nirman course and started doing Param Padma Sadhana regularly. DSN broadened my comfort zone. I also did Sahaj which is making me natural day by day. Everyday I could feel myself lighter and lighter and I could see the difference in myself on a day to day basis. Further guruji¢s knowledge tapes such as Ashtavakra GIta, Narad Bhakti stotra, Shiva Bhakti stotra benefited me a lot. Sudarshan kriya has cured my ailment completely but I think healing is only a by product of larger gain which I got namely peace of mind, unshakable faith, positive attitude towards life, increased awareness, focus towards life, increased confidence, better efficiency in work, better interpersonal relationship and above all it has brought my smile back. This is a rebirth to me and I am looking forward to every new day with lot of enthusiasm and energy.

    From my experience, I am of the firm opinion that sudarshan kriya can cure any ailment be it developed in this life span or hereditary ailments, as was in my case, because the recovery effected is in most natural way, cleansing each and every cell. But the journey towards the recovery was not a cat walk. I have not missed my kriya for a single day since last 2 years and param padmasadhana since last April (i.e. when I did the DSN). But that is a very small contribution from my side in comparison to treating a life long hereditary ailment for which I could not find any cure from any quarter during so many years. From my experience I can say that if you do sudarshan kriya daily including long kriya preferably once in a week and continue doing that, you get benefits which you have never thought off. With tears in my eyes, I am deeply indebted to Guruji, Art of Living Foundation, Thakre, who advised me for Basic Course, Nitin Kachalia, my basic course teacher, who is no more now, Raghu Raj Raja, my first advance course teacher, Dinesh Ghodke, my second advance course teacher, Rishi Nitya Pragyaji, my DSN course teacher, Bhanu didi, my Sahaj Meditation teacher, Vinaya Hegde, my third and fourth advance course teacher, teachers in my area, specially Dinesh Bhojwani, Seema, Sreekumar, Rohit, Shilpa for spreading valuable knowledge of guruji and all the volunteers from Mahakali, Andheri (E) area, who have been always very supportive. We have a great team in our area. Our beloved guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar is transforming lives of millions, my life is also transformed and I will see that my remaining life is put in use for some good cause.

    Jai guru dev.
    Santosh mujumdar
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