Supreme Being has Nirguna and Saguna aspects

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    This knowledge of both the Nirguna and Saguna aspects of Divinity is a sovereign science, a sovereign secret, supremely holy, most excellent, directly enjoyable, attended with virtue, very easy to practice and imperishable. Just as the extensive air, which is moving everywhere (being born of ether) ever remains in ether, likewise all beings (who have originated from Him) abide in Him. With Him as the supervisor, Nature brings forth the whole creation, consisting of both sentient and insentient beings; it is due to this cause that the wheel of the universe is going round. The Supreme Being radiates heat as the sun, and holds back as well as sends forth showers. He is immortality as well as death; even so He is being and non-being both. Those who are vowed to gods go to the gods; those who are vowed to the manes reach the manes; those who adore the spirits reach the spirits and those who worship Him come to Him alone. Whatever one does, whatever one bestows as a gift and whatever one does by way of penance offers it all to Him. With one's mind established in such path of renunciation, one will be freed from the bonds of action in the shape of good and evil consequences and freed from them, one will attain Him. He is equally present in all beings; there is none hateful or dear to Him. They however, who devoutly worship Him abide in Him and He too stands revealed in them. Even if the vilest sinner worships Him with exclusive devotion, he should be accounted a saint, for he has rightly resolved. Speedily he becomes virtuous and secures lasting peace.

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