Surrender can be exploited

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    Selections from the book "Freedom and Surrender" by Pujya Swami Dayananda Sarawati

    Surrender can be exploited

    When some on wants you to surrender to him or her, it it is generally for his or her own self image. Even though, in one’s opinion about oneself, one does not value himself or herself as somebody, one wants people to look up to him or her. When a few people look up to that person, one feels, “ I am looked up to and so I must be somebody.” But then, if one is very sure, ”I am somebody”, one will not require others to surrender, or look up to.

    In surrender, there is always a possibility of exploitation. When you surrender to somebody, that somebody can exploit you to any extent. This has been the problem of the guru-śiṣya-parampara. The guru is considered to be the ultimate altar of surrender. They say śive ruṣṭe gurustrātā , when Lord Shiva is angry, guru will protect you from the anger. Gurau rushte ko’pi na trātā , but when the guru is angry, no Lord can protect you. Therefore, do everything to please the guru; don’t make the guru angry.

    Why should the guru get angry? I thought a guru is supposed to make me free from anger. If the guru himself gets angry, what kind of a guru is he? What is he going to teach me? How is he going to help me? It is unfortunate that people think that anger is necessary to get things done. They get angry if things do not go their way. Such people have weaknesses and are easily exploited by people around them. Children, for instance, know their parents’ weaknesses and learn to get things done without getting them angry. Some people want praise, others figure that out and praise them to the skies. In fact, you can get angry people easily accede to your requests if you frame your questions properly.

    I know of a person who could get the answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ the way he wanted. All one has to do is to frame the question properly. There is a lot of manipulation going on in the world; people take advantage of others’ weaknesses. Thus, when a guru gets angry, unwittingly he subjects himself to manipulation. So, whenever there is surrender, it can be exploited. It all depends upon whom I surrender to; for which we have to understand first what exactly is meant by surrender and what is freedom.
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    Surrender to God and God will free you from everyone. God is unseen God is our creator, God understands all of this. Love God. When you go to church or when you pray surrender only to God because God wants us all to be happ. God wants earth to be safe. God wants the universe to be happy. God wants me and you to be happy all the time. God will love and protect what was created.

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