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    Simon Farrow had been well aware all of his life that he suffered with one of the most devastating birth defects there is and he had put up with it the best he could for fifty-one years and he was still going strong; well he thought he was until his body started relinquishing its hold on life. The irony was that he was dying because of a heart attack and nothing to do with his spina bifida.
    Because of the paralysis resulting from the damage to his spinal cord, Simon had undergone extensive surgery over the years and his back was covered in scars. Despite all the medical care he still had a badly curved spine that protruded out of his back, covered by skin; so bad that it bent his body so much that he had never experienced standing up straight or lying down in a normal posture, the simple things that normal people take for granted.
    Simon had never experienced learning problems, but because of his spina bifida he had difficulty paying attention and when someone spoke to him, his involuntary hands and head movements gave the impression that he wasn’t listening to what the person was saying to him. He found it difficult to express language and consequently a lot of people thought he was mentally subnormal. On the contrary, his mind was active and he possessed a high intellect, only he couldn’t shout about it, not even a murmur. A simple word such as “Yes,” was even a strain for him to say.
    Simon had learnt how to use a wheel chair immediately he was able to sit in one. When he was able to be independent he moved from home and lived in a small ground floor flat not far from his parent’s home, not only to prove to them that he could assume responsibility for his own care, but to also prove it to himself. He was their only child and despite his spina bifida, with its many restrictions, there was a loving relationship between himself and his parents. Birth defects can happen in any family, is a certainty.
    Many things can affect a pregnancy, including family genes and things women may come in contact with during pregnancy, Simon knew only too well. It happens once in a while, is fact and Simon was proof of that with his spina bifida.
    When his mother died Simon was aged thirty-six and the death of his father seven years later made Simon determined that he would get the best out of life for himself without taking advantage of others he depended upon, as it had been when his parents had been alive.
    “You can only help those who help themselves,” were wise words spoken. Now, at this present time of dying, no one could help Simon, certainly not himself. He felt the ever increasing tightening in his chest and resultant pain he had never felt before. Pain had never been a real problem for him in life, now it was.
    So when Simon felt the pain in his chest, worsening by the second, and his intellect told him he was having a heart attack, there was nothing he could do about it. He suddenly wondered if there was life after death, something he had rarely thought about in his life. ‘Is there?’ or ‘isn’t there?’ and these two mental questions occupied his thoughts side-by-side and were equally balanced, till the exact moment he died. Then in an instant the balance totally tilted one way.
    Darkness came after death and Simon was immediately aware of that. He had died in his wheelchair but now he was lying on the floor of, where? The change had been instantaneous. He felt no different now to what he had done when alive but as far as he was concerned he could have been blind, for he could see nothing only darkness. Awareness of all this had occurred in the matter of a few short moments of time in the afterlife.
    ‘Is this it?’ was mentally-easy for him to say.
    “Aye up Sim’.”
    “What?” from Simon sounded like a distorted “Waaa?” as it had done when he was alive. Despite his inability to speak clearly, he always had his mental faculties as he had done when he was alive. The voice told him he was not alone and that change was going to take place, if not now but very soon. Awareness of all this had occurred in the matter of a few short moments of time in the afterlife.
    “Listen Sim, something to tell you quick before we proceed,” came the voice and Simon knew it came from someone who possessed the qualities of being genuinely nice. In life he knew the real McCoy. This voice was that. “You’ve died and you’re in the afterlife, you know that.”
    “Right Sim’ in a couple of minutes I’m going to switch on the light. And believe me Sim’ this is the light of all lights.”
    “115 seconds Jim.”
    Simon heard the other voice as clear as a bell.
    “Okay. Listen Sim’ we know all about you. Your spina bifida and how you coped with it all. You did alright. I’m going to switch on the light in-“
    “110 seconds Jim.”
    “Okay. By the way your mum and dad are waiting for you. Uncle George, he’s here. They’re all there at the end of the tunnel of light. All it takes is for me to switch on, and I’ll be doing that in-”
    “103 seconds Jim.”
    Simon didn’t know what to say, as it had been when he was alive. He knew that something wonderful was going to happen very soon. Mother and father were there and Uncle George and there would be others there too, he had known and who had died. Awareness of all this had occurred in the matter of a few short moments of time in the afterlife.
    “So it’s like this Sim’. When I switch on there will be this tunnel of light. It’s been like this from day one, and it’s glorious,” and it was lovely for Simon to hear. His body was racked with spina bifida but that was going to change. He listened intently as he was told that, “The light will hit you straight, instantaneous after I switch on Sim’, and all you have to do is stand up and let it all happen for you, and believe me you will love it,” and Simon was attentive to all that was told to him. His suffering in life and the way he had conducted himself, despite his disabilities, was reason why the light would be so strong, divine, because so much healing had to be done on him and, “You deserve it Sim’, you really do,” were heavenly spoken words .
    “42 seconds Jim.”
    “So Sim’, when I switch on the light, just stand up. You’ll be able to easy as pie.”
    “No problem. We worked out the system of a brief darkness first for the special ones like yourself; so when the light comes on it’s not a shock for you. In your case Sim’ the light will be strong and you’ll love it, you really will.”
    “28 seconds Jim.”
    “So Sim’, we’re getting there by the second. Just let it happen, okay?”
    There was a second silence and Simon knew that a reply was expected from him, and it was willingly given even though it sounded off line and strained.
    “In a short while you’ll be with your mum and dad and all those other wonderful people you knew in life Sim’.”
    “20 seconds Jim.”
    “Okay. Get ready for it Sim’. Don’t worry about standing up. The light will do that for you.”
    “16 seconds Jim.”
    “Your body will be repaired immediately the light touches you. You’ll love it all Sim’, you really will. Let it happen, let the divine work for you.”
    “8 seconds Jim.”
    “Okay. Here we go Sim’. Enjoy.”
    “5. 4. 3. 2. 1.”
    “Switching on.”
    By:Richard Adamski‎

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