Tattoo making right or wrong as per Hinduism ?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Aum, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Aum

    Aum New Member

    I have seen many guys with this question now lets discuss Is making tattoo in body right or wrong ?
  2. Hindu Girl

    Hindu Girl New Member

    In early days people, specially women's used to tattoo their body in a traditional way which is still done in villages, this was one way to decorate themselves but more important it helped curing many disease, piercing is also one of the treatment for cancer patience, tattoo piercing also helps us get rid from any kind of Skin disease. Yes the Modern Tattoo does the same job however it depends on what image we put on our body. It is good & bad both overall. I've seen many people writing the names of God ....which is actually good, Decorating our self with Gods name sounds good. Once there was this incident in America. This devotee of Krishna had holy tattoos on his whole body & by mistake a delivery boy from some non-vegetarian hotel ranged his door bell....The delivery boy seeing this devotee said Sorry....Why? He said I know you people are pure vegetarians & so I stepped the wrong door.
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  3. Hindu

    Hindu Member Staff Member

    I think freedom of expression is sole aim of Hindu society and hence i think tattoo making is neither good nor bad for Hindu society..unless its taken to private parts. thanks
  4. garry420

    garry420 Well-Known Member

    is tattoo allowed in Hinduism that's what you want to know if i am not wrong
    My personal opinion which has nothing to do with Hinduism is Black is not considered very good and many times inauspicious,
    And I would like to say that anything under legs with god symbols, would means that your insulting Hindu gods, thou this might not be true but that's what i feel, many may disagree with it.
    Apart from this private parts should also be kept away from such things.

    Thou I have heard that in Bhakti of lord krishna many Gopis used to makes tattos in their hands with the name of lord Krishna to show their devotion and love towards almighty.
    Hinduism by large has neutral point of what i think and in many places tattoos are even supported.

    I seriously think even mehandi is also a form of tattoo and we can call it temporary tattoo.
  5. Hinduwadi

    Hinduwadi New Member

    As I know , I think tattoo can be taken as a way to express what kind of person you are. Tattoo can sometime also represents your personality and your thoughts. So I don't think it is bad or good until unless it don't insult anyone.

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