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    1. Listen to your inner voice
    The main thing that distinguishes one intuitive to someone who does not, is that they stop to listen, rather than ignore, the guidance of their intuitions and physical feelings.

    2. They take time to be alone
    If you want to get in touch with your intuition, leaves the phone, computer, television sit at home and be alone for a while. You can make the best decisions based on how you feel about it.

    3. Create
    Creative people are highly intuitive. And as you can increase your creativity through practice, you can boost your intuition. In fact, practice one can help build another.

    4. Meditate
    The different meditation practices can be an excellent way to uncover your intuition. You can align yourself with it and finally make a decision that you're absolutely sure.

    5. Observe all
    The first thing to do is realize; keep a diary and realize when strange things happen. You will gain a keen sense coincidences surprising connections or accurate insights into your daily life womanly occur.

    6. Listen to your body
    If you ever have given nausea or belly pain when you knew something was wrong but did not know exactly what, you can understand that intuition can cause physical sensations in the body. Pay attention to the "second brain".

    7. They connect deeply with others
    Empathy is one of the great companions of intuition. Spend time watching and listening to others face to face can help boost your powers of empathy.

    8. pay attention to your dreams
    Take time to think about your dreams is a way to communicate with your unconscious processes. Both dreams and intuition born of the unconscious, so you can begin to uncover this part of your mind to pay attention to your dreams. Dreams keep enough information about how to live your life.

    9. They enjoy enough relaxation time
    Few things ruin more intuition than hard work, doing several things at once, be connected to digital devices and being stressed and fatigued. We always have an intuitive sense about people in our lives-at a deeper level, we distinguish the good from the pretentious or false-but we are not always awake enough to know the difference. The problem is that we are too busy.

    10. Dejan go negative emotions
    Strong emotions, particularly anger or frustration, cloud intuition. Many of us have felt that "not ourselves" sometimes when we are enraptured by emotion, and this may be because we are disconnected from our intuition. To let go of emotions of this kind is best to meditate or create.

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