The Archer Who Wanted Lord Krushna's Disc (Sudarshan Chakra)

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    Dronacharya was the great archery teacher to the Kauravs and Pandavs. Dronacharya had a son named Ashwatthama. Ashwatthama learned archery from his father Dronacharya and his maternal uncle Kripacharya, and became a great archer himself. He learned many secret ways to use the bow and arrow, and soon became an expert.

    Ashwatthama knew that Lord Krushna had blessed the Pandavs. So he thought, "This is the time for me to go to Lord Krushna and get something from him."

    He went to Lord Krushna and said, "I can give You my most powerful weapon, the Brahmashira. It can kill anyone when it is used against him. Will You give me Your divine disc (Sudarshan Chakra) in return? Will You trade with me?"

    Lord Krushna said, "Wonderful! I am ready to exchange them. Please take it." So saying, He put forth theSudarshan Chakrafor Ashwatthama to take.

    Immediately, Ashwatthama tried to take theChakra, but it was impossible for him to lift it, let alone move it.

    Lord Krushna smiled, "Young man, you cannot even lift my weapon. How are you going to use it?"

    Ashwatthama was ashamed.

    Moral:Like Ashwatthama, sometimes we, too, pray to God, thinking that He needs to give us something in return. Also, sometimes we may pray or chant because our elders tell us to, and may feel that we have done them or God a favour. But this story teaches us that we have to call on God humbly, that is, through chanting and praying with the realisation that we need Him, sincerely asking for His help. When we pray to God sincerely and humbly He showers His blessings upon us, as He did for the Pandavs by bringing them victory.

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