The Benefits of Healthy Relationships

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    This write up is brought to you by the Hindu Center Health Ministry

    Summer is a time for social gatherings when we are invited to family reunions, outdoor concerts & symphonies, Backyard Paneer tikka parties, picnics, vacations, neighborhood activities, and of course the favourite - Swimming Pool parties or even just Swimming Pool trips. If you find yourself invited to such events, science says that you must not hold back. As per research not only is it fun to indulge in these activities but its good for your health !!

    Maintaining good relationships with your family and friends is a good investment in your overall health. Healthy relationships offer us social support and strong social ties that (research shows) may:
    1. Add years to your life
    2. Reduce the risk of stroke
    3. Boost your immune system
    4. Encourage good self care (well obviously who wants to shave or wax or lose the unsightly pounds if the only living beings that see you are wild animals!)
    5. Lower or delay your risk of memory loss.
    6. Relieve pain.
    7. Decrease stress
    [ As if we needed these reasons to spend more time with those we love ;) ]

    And guess what? Thats not All !

    Recent studies show evidence that healthy social ties & increased contact with family & friends are associated with :
    1. A lower risk of death in young women with breast cancer
    2. Increased survival from heart surgery
    Several studies show that teh degree to which we have a broad range of healthy social relationships predicts :
    1. Survival from heart attacks
    2. Less risk for cancer recurrence
    3. Less depression & anxiety
    These medical benefits however are not the result of any relationship. Relationships can accrue such positive pyschosomatic results only when they are what is termed as "Healthy". What did these researchers construe as Healthy Relationships you ask? Please go through the image attached with this note to know more. The very short writeup in bullet pints also deals with subjects like negative impact of living alone & ways to connect through technology.

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    That's definitely a good quote! And very true, I personally agree with many of the things mentioned here. From my side, I can say that I also feel and live much healthier, every time I understand good with my friends and get along well with all my relatives. It's definitely a feeling you should fight for! Besides the health factor it's also an ethic thing, do you want to get along well with your family because of your health, or because you love them and you want to feel good? I want them to feel good, that's why I try hard to get along well with them and treat them really good. Thank you for the interesting text you shared. :)

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