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    Shri Krishna says: "Harmlessness is the best Dharma. No one is religious who is cruel. If we want to do what Shri Krishna has told us, we must try not to give pain if we can help it. Sometimes pain has to be given If we are ill something may have to be done that may give us pain, in order to make us well again. For the same reason we may sometimes have to give pain to an animal, but we should only give pain when, by so doing, we may really be doing good to the animal. and not because we do not think, or do not care, how it will suffer.

    The great Manu says: "He from whom no fear arises in any living creature, when he dies he also will have no fear of anything". There are many stories in the holy Books about the great Teachers and Rishis who never did any harm to anyone. A beautiful name had been given to such great Ones. The Yogi is called: "the friend of all creatures".The wild beasts of the jungle will not attack him. He can walk unharmed among snakes and poisonous reptiles. The birds come and seek refuge in his arms. The timid deer will eat out of his hand.
    "The friend of all creatures" has love in his heart for all that lives.
    "That man who regards all creatures to be as his own self, who never does any harm, and has his anger under control, obtains great happiness, both here and hereafter".
    "He prayeth best who loveth best All things, both great and small;For the great God who loveth us,He made and loveth all."
    We are not all able to do just as the great sages did, but there is one thing we can all do, and even little children in this way can follow in the steps of the great sages. We can try to forgive others if they do wrong to us.

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