The Big Bang Theory & Hinduism

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    The Big Bang Theory of Creation is the most widely accepted Creation Theory of the universe..

    Lets see what Vedas say about Creation ..

    देवानां नु वयं जाना पर वोचाम विपन्यया | उक्थेषुशस्यमानेषु यः पश्यादुत्तरे युगे ||
    बरह्मणस पतिरेता सं कर्मार इवाधमत | देवानाम्पूर्व्ये युगे.असतः सदजायत ||
    देवानां युगे परथमे.असतः सदजायत | तदाशा अन्वजायन्त तदुत्तानपदस परि || भूर्जज्ञ उत्तानपदो भुव आशा अजायन्त |

    1. Let us with tuneful skill proclaim these generations of the Devas(natural forces), That one may see them when these hymns are chanted in a future age.

    2 These(natural forces) The Supreme God produced with BLAST and SMELTING, like a Smith, Existence, in an earlier age of Devas, from Non-existence sprang.

    3 Existence, in the earliest age of Gods, from Non-existence sprang. Thereafter were the regions born. This sprang from the Productive Power.
    --Rigveda (10..72..1-3)

    Before the Big Bang there was no space or time ..i.e Non-existence (just primordial/unknown matter).. and then by a blast like process the universe was formed .. the laws of physics are also believed to be formed after the Big Bang..

    Surprisingly the Vedic description of Creation matches quite accurately with the Modern View.

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