The Big Debate-Ramayana or Mahabharata, which came first?

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    It is commonly known ( as per timelines and the sequence of events) that the Ramayana happened much before the Mahabharata, but it is a topic of great concern and hot discussion even today.

    What do scholars and majority of Hindus believe?

    Majority of scholars and Hindus, strongly believe that Ramayana came first, followed by Mahabharata. There are several instances and valid arguments that prove the above point, some of which are mentioned below:

    • The very basic argument: Mahabharata contains mention of Lord Rama and his story which clearly indicates that the Ramayana happened much before the Mahabharata.
    • Lord Rama is considered as the 7th avatar while Lord Krishna is considered as the 8th avatar.
    • There is also a popular story, that the hunter who was responsible for the killing of Lord Krishna was Bali in his previous life. In the Ramayana, Bali was killed by Lord Rama. According to the ideology of karma, Lord Krishan (then Lord Rama) was paying for his karma when he was killed.
    These are just some of the facts that prove that Ramayana came before Mahabharata. Please share your views and more facts to support your stand!
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    Yes. You got it right. The Ramayana came much before the Mahabharata and you have beautifully quoted all facts to support it. Thanks for sharing!

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