The Date of Aryabhata : Eminent Historians and their Fraud

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    According to the genuine old manuscripts of Aryabhatiyam, Aryabhata was born when 360 (60x6) years elapsed from Kaliyuga. Since Kaliyuga started in 3102 BCE, Aryabhata’s birth year was 2742-2741 BCE and he wrote Aryabhatiyam when 23 years elapsed from his birth year. Thus, Aryabhata wrote his work in 2719-2718 BCE.
    ✺ Original reading of Aryabhatiya Kalakriyapada 10, is
    shastyabdanam shadbhiryada vyatitas trayascha yugapadah |
    tryadhika vimsatir abdastadeha mama janmano yatah ||
    The stanza of the sloka starts with “Shastyabdanam Shadbhiryada vyatitas trayascha yugapadah.”
    ➩➩ How it was changed by Oriental Scholars ???
    One single syllable ‪dbhi‬ to ‪sti‬ in Aryabhata Verse. Thus by altering this, the word “‪Shadbhi‬” was altered to “‪Shasti‬”, which implies 60 x 60 = 3600 years after Kali Era.
    Colonial historians influenced Sudhakar Dwivedi (1855-1910) to change the statement 60x6 = 360 to 60x60 = 3600. Thus, Aryabhata's date has been distorted and calculated 3600 years from 3102 BC and fixed at 499 AD.
    1. Internal evidence also suggests that Aryabhata may belong to much ancient period than 499 AD. Aryabhata mentioned that “In a Mahayuga, the Sun revolves 4,320,000 times, the Moon 57,753,336 times and the Earth 1,582,237,500 eastward”.
    Thus, Aryabhata calculated an extremely accurate ratio 1582237500/57753336 = 27.3964693572 for the number of axial rotations of earth per lunar orbit. According to modern estimates, the value was 27.39646514 in 500 AD and 27.39646389 in 2000 AD. Interestingly, the value given by Aryabhata was accurate up to ‪TenDecimal‬ places around 1604 BCE. Therefore, Aryabhata might have born in 360th year (2742 BCE) from the epoch of Kaliyuga not in 3600th year (499 AD).
    2. Interestingly, Aryabhata had no knowledge of Saka or Salivahana era. Every astronomer , who born after 78 AD, has mentioned about Salivahana era except Aryabhata. Why?
    3. Aryabhata used very ancient method of mentioning numbers in Slokas not Katapayadi system. There is no evidence to prove that such system was in vogue in 5th century.
    4. Varahamihira used "Jagada" a verb in remote past tense for Aryabhata which means Varahamihira refers to Aryabhata as an ancient personality. According to distorted chronology, Aryabhata was the contemporary of Varahamihira.

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