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    The teachings of The Bhagavadgita have gained appreciation not only in India but beyond its borders. It embodies the supreme spiritual mystery and secret. Its style is simple and elegant but thoughts contained in it are impregnated with deep meaning. The quintessential message of it is so powerful and enduring that it is not very difficult to find people who live in the ambience of the Gita. Virtually it is an epitome of all the scriptures. Its manifestations about indestructibility of soul (self), desirability of desireless action, paths of liberation, self-realization, true character of truth, various facets of God and spirituality, tranquility of mind and equanimity make it a store house of all scriptural knowledge.

    1. Relationship and kinship create infatuation.
    2. Barbarity and injustice flourish on communal feelings.
    3. The soul is unborn and eternal.
    4. Real dispute is between Materialism and Spiritualism.
    5. Spiritualism in initial stage generates escapism.
    6. Men of stable mind win the race.
    7. Supreme Peace is attained through placidity of mind.
    8. The discipline of action means action without attachment.
    9. Desire insatiable like fire is one’s enemy.
    10. Give up attachment to actions and their fruit.
    11. The Yoga of Knowledge and the Yoga of Action both lead to Supreme Bliss.
    12. The seer whose mind is established in God attains peace.
    13. Yoga of Knowledge is having identity with infinite consciousness.
    14. All things have evolved from the material and spiritual nature of Brahma.
    15. Supreme Being has Nirguna and Saguna aspects.
    16. The Spirit dwelling in this body is really the same as the Supreme.
    17. Wise men in eternal union with God reach supreme immortal state.
    18. God abides in the heart of all creatures.
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